When Night Falls

When Night Falls

A Thriller set in 1932 about two nurses trapped in a country mansion with their invalid patient whilst a killer is on the loose. A series of unexplainable events start to occur and the nurses begin to wonder if they are no longer alone.

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    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:2007
  • Language:English
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A Thriller set in 1932 about two nurses trapped in a country mansion with their invalid patient whilst a killer is on the loose. A series of unexplainable events start to occur and the nurses begin to wonder if they are no longer alone. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Cody B (nl) wrote: solid silly family fun

John C (ca) wrote: A very different movie experience. I love how they spoofed and paid homage to old classics at the same time.

Khris N (us) wrote: How can you decide whether a sequel is better than the original?? When the character and movie go further... or maybe establish a history or a beginning. Prequels are usually considered the pick of a series... the development, the story, the creation.... in this case, the beginning of the legend of Colonel James Braddock as the most infamous Vietnam prisoner of war. Braddock and his squad are captured at the height of the Vietnam war. Years after the war had ended, POW's become forgotten ghosts, abandoned to the sadistic and murderous Vietnamese, venting their fury against the Americans, or in some cases, forcing them to confess to war crimes to denounce the US worldwide. Colonel Braddock though refuses, and thus over the years watches his team shrink down to 4 men... and one turn traitor. Enduring taunts, violence, slave labor and torture, including the infamous rat in a bag scene, survival is main focus on his mind... until tricked by Commandant to confessing to war crimes and letting one of his men die of a drug overdose. It all comes to a head as Braddock makes his escape in leg chains... only to return and burn down the prison camp and the demons that inhibit it and in his mind and free the other prisoners. Dark, tense and a lot of realism thrown in amongst the B-grade set, it definitley is a movie to remember to my standards as far as action films goes, and one of Chuck's best. Enjoy!

Kieran F (fr) wrote: Obviously at the time this film was made Hollywood was in a decline. Film goer's where fewer and fewer and this also meant that the studios didn't put as...much..effort in to their films as they use to simply cause well they knew the film goer's were not interested in the films(Why put a lot of effort into a film if no one will see it?) This film is no exception. It looks cheap,the effects are cheesy and it's got a short some what..cliche story. So..it's not a surprise that it would get bad reviews.Personally speaking I think the film is okay. it has some decent actors and interesting performances and the music isn't too bad. but it's also it's downfall the music,although it's a musical, is almost too much and get's slightly boring after a while. But the actors are decent and so it does help. As I said at the time this film was made Hollywood was in a weird time around this time,late 60's early 70's, alot of the famous directors from that time where leaving the directors chairs,either due to retirement death or what not, and so alot of the people in hollywood where looking to get OUT of movie making and not get into it. At the same time you had a lot of film studio's being sold to larger conglomerates. and thusly ALOT of people thought this was the end of film making as we knew it. it was as if the film goers changed their opinions on films like a person changes their clothes. For example this film was directed by the same director who just the year before released a film that was great box office success and so they assumed this film would work out like that since it had the same director and crew etc. yet it bombed. It was unbelievable to see how quickly public tastes changed, and interestingly enough 2 years latter the movie industry had it's lowest performance at theaters ever for film goers and films, It was almost as if the film fans where...almost..ADDed or something. You know they had a very short attention span or something. I wouldn't be surprised if in years latter we look back at this time of film making and going to the movies as we look at Vaudeville. A very peculiar time for film making. Now that all aside it's no surprise that this film didn't do great. I guess if you look at it now it's not BAD but it's definitely not great. to be quiet honest. I thought the film was okay. but the story is a little cheesy. Come on the story is about a guy who can talk to animals..okay. THat I don't care about really but...what got me was how the film as it went on started adding all sorts of..weird ideas. Such as Dr.D being charged with murder because he dressed a seal up as a woman and threw it into the sea or...how they didn't know exactly where they were going so instead stuck a pin into an atlas. But It didn't ruin the film for me. It was nice to see a lot of good actors,from Dr.Doolittle all the way down to Geoffry Holder,who would become a house hold name 6 years latter thanks to his appearance in Live and Let die as Baron Samidi. But it was weird when the film didn't exactly flow great.All in All the film isn't GREAT but it's not bad either. The story is ridiculious but the acting and actor's are decent and the music,surprisingly, is quite interesting but..it doesn't save this film

Erin S (ca) wrote: Humour is subjective, and this movie proved that to me. Despite my better judgement, I watched it, and I was laughing pretty consistently throughout. Not a good movie mind you, but I enjoyed it. Average movie goers, avoid this movie. If you're someone who admittedly likes some dumb humour and wants to put a movie on...ah why not?

Haneef A (us) wrote: Deadpool is a movie directed by TJ Miller and starring Ryan Reynolds, which are based on the foul-mouthed Marvel comics character Deadpool aka Merc With A Mouth. It is R-rated in US..meaning it is violent, with a lot of curse words and sexual innuendos. Definitely NOT FOR CHILDREN. But if you are not easily offended, you will find that this movie has a very unique brand of humour; with Deadpool breaking the 4th wall on some occasions, and exhibiting self-awareness and meta-humour..taking jibes on the usual norms of a superhero movie. It is a refreshing take on superhero movies, which are usually politically correct and "playing it safe". It also has a simple but heartfelt romance story with Vanessa (Morina Baccarin)..although the romance is a bit rushed (maybe some scenes are cut by FINAS?). Some downsides..the story/narrative is a bit straightforward and simple, and the villains are forgettable and a letdown. A strong B+.