When Saturday Comes

When Saturday Comes

Jimmy Muir comes from a typical gritty, northern town where there are only two options: working down the pit or in a factory. But Jimmy has other ideas - he dreams of becoming a professional footballer. Confronted by a bitter and unsupportive father, hard drinking friends and a lifetime of bad habits...has Jimmy the will to achieve his ultimate goal?

Jimmy Muir comes from a small town where people seems to have two ways in their life: becoming a worker in the pit or in a factory. Suddenly, Jimmy Muir has an extraordinary option which makes him to be a professional footballer. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Gareth D (gb) wrote: A well made documentary taking a look at the life of 3 professional DOTA2 players, a bit about their backgrounds, family lives and what they have been through. A must watch for those into gaming, especially DOTA2 fans.

Tori H (it) wrote: Surprisingly surreal and gripping. Come for the character study and stay for the story. It's not what you expect.

Philip E (br) wrote: Randomly watched this glad I did.

Lina R (nl) wrote: Unoriginal but amusing for the most part.

Charlie M (nl) wrote: This documentary initially seems just like an expose on the artists behind the punk rock art, but truly it's about a crazy individual who could just be crazy like a fox. Thierry obsessively films everything all the time, and the artist's work has such a short lifespan they're happy to have some documentation before it gets painted over and torn down. With thousands of hours of footage Thierry claims to be making documentary, but in actuality everything he captures ends up becoming a documentary about Thierry.As art goes from punk rock to collector's editions and the very thing these people were being arrested for is now selling for thousands of dollars, Thierry goes from dimwit to genius. The entire process puts the concept of art into question. Like Ed Wood or Tommy Wiseau his passionate effort becomes camp and his peers think he's just a lucky idiot.Some parts of this doc work out a little too perfectly in the narrative and one wonders if he's a concoction of Banksy and Shepard Fairey. This has been debated ever since the movie came out, but never substantiated. So giving the benefit of the doubt that this is a true story how do we evaluate these artists work? If someone cares enough to create does that simply make it art? Or do we need collectors to spend millions on it in a gallery for it to be a valid thing. So far as I can tell ART is the value in and of itself. The commerce of art is the joke, because life is fleeting n' shit.Anyway while we're on the subject, if you live in Chicago I highly recommend Cole's Bar on a Wednesday night (when they have some decent open mic comedy). You'll see some interesting local art displays in the main bar, and some grungy street art in the bathroom. Best of all, you'll see that 'fuck it' attitude all over.

THE I (ca) wrote: How is it even possible that these guys could make a less than Hilarious Movie.....NEVER!

Tanja S (nl) wrote: Enough to make me cry.

Jake (kr) wrote: Overall this really is a pleasant and enjoyable film, but it is incredibly typical. There is nothing particuarly special about it, nor does it do anything unexpected. It is mediocre to the very end, but at the same time decent to watch. I picked this up because Saoise Ronan was in it, and she is so young and tiny! And at the same time, she is just as great and confincing as the rest of the cast. The film is extreamely atmospheric, that is the main thing that stood out to me. Well, and the score is decent. Other than that, everything is just... okay. The story is inoffensive, the acting is decent, the direction seems competant enough, but nothing is that extraordinary. I just wish there was more to grab ahold of, to rave or whine about. I would even like some major flaws if there were some killer virtues to go with them. I had never heard of this movie until actually watching it, and I cannot help but thing that there is a reason for that. So, I really cannot say that I recommend it, but at the same time I do not NOT recommend it... It is an odd blend. The film is decent enough, but you really are wasting your time in watching it. There is nothing to make you think, or make you feel. You will not be stimulated at all.

Valerie P (de) wrote: I didn't really find this film to be particularly impressive. It felt as if I'd seen it all before, and it was tedious in its predictability. The cast was actually quite impressive, and the faults of the film did not lie in the acting. Tom Felton's transformation from snobby boy-wizard to a frail, naive Frenchman was captivating. Strikingly fraught with emotional tension, Elizabeth Olsen's performance made me reconsider my regard for her as just another hanger-on; riding on the wake of her sisters' childhood fame. I don't regret the time I spent in this dark, Parisian world; however predictable the journey was, but mediocrity is not enough in today's cinematically saturated world.

Mitch B (ag) wrote: An awesome look into a musical friendship Garcia began before the Grateful Dead. Too bad Garcia wasn't around to ever see this.

Mike C (es) wrote: Ah, Stephen King. Watched this years ago, but having listened to the book about catching Eichmann, I wanted to revisit this. Not all of King's books or stories are great pieces of literature, but some are actually pretty damn good stories. This short story qualifies (and Shawshank turned into one of the greatest movies of all-time).Interesting character study as you have a teen who could be troubled running into a former Nazi in hiding. As he pulls the past out of this monster, can he himself escape the evil...or does he seek the evil because he already has it?Renfro is weak as the kid but McKellen is pretty solid as the Nazi. Great scene where the old man puts on a uniform and has a flashback of sorts. In all, the movie seems to be lacking in something serious to give it gravitas, but it is a pretty cool story.

Georgieboy M (ca) wrote: Reflexive film, one of the firsts of Koreeda, the plot is one of the recurrent themes in the work of this filmmaker, the grief and how the people handle this. Now, the long takes immerse you in the mind of Yumiko, who cant forget er late husband's death, but at the same time left you away. In some moments you can hardly distinguish what is happening, you heard the words but the camera is really far away to know the gesture or even the movements.This make us feel as isolated as Yumiko, and thanks to that we can be emphatic to her.

Bradley P (kr) wrote: A drawn out plot makes people wait for an hour and a quarter to see where the movie goes

John M (nl) wrote: Actually pretty smart and quick. Contender for best Apatow.

Fernando Jos G (fr) wrote: Bien actuada y perfectamente ambientada. Starred Up recrea una serie de historias crudas y personajes reales. La zozobra de lo que vendr despus y un final abrupto pero satisfactorio es digno de alabar como una gran pieza cinematogrfica dentro de un gnero de pelcula totalmente sin esencia.

Vikki R (ag) wrote: Absolute waste of time. Total crap.