When the Girls Take Over

When the Girls Take Over

Filmed in 1960, but not released until May 1962.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:80 minutes
  • Release:1962
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:independent film,  

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When the Girls Take Over torrent reviews

Alan C (us) wrote: looks like a fine start with bad finish sad movie......

Joseph V (br) wrote: 3/5 starsWatchable enough, but nothing special

Phil S (kr) wrote: A near perfect film about the music business through the eyes of someone who set out to destroy it with music.

Jess A (kr) wrote: One of my favorite book series growing up. Not a bad take on the movie.

Jennifer D (br) wrote: Life If Beautiful is a surprisingly happy holocaust movie that; even if the end is slightly tragic; still makes you smile in the end. I show just how beautiful life really is by giving the holocaust victims a back story, and emphasizing how much we take for granted at home. The biggest takeaway from this movie is not to squander the opportunities your provided with because thy won't always be there.

MercedesBen M (au) wrote: No Keanu equals a bad sequel

Bardock M (jp) wrote: This is the true Dredd.

Nickolas I (au) wrote: A compelling mystery and very funny comedy.

Ingela A (fr) wrote: A strange story but worth seeing

Noname (ag) wrote: A really great movie with some drama emotional stuff mixed with some nice brutal action and a touch of a bit thriller aswell. Story is about a father (Kevin Bacon) going for revenge on a local gang that killed his son but should he really have done that.. A good movie that got me interested from start til the end and it was excitement to follow the story. Thumbs up and enjoy.

Keith A (ru) wrote: In what seems like a mostly forgotten movie, Jack Lemmon gives a wonderful performance and strikes so many right notes in the role that won him the Oscar for Best Actor of 1973. He excels as Harry Stoner; his frequent wishes for the days of his youth are quite interesting to listen to, even as he sometimes babbles incoherently, confusing others around him. Jack Gilford (also an Oscar nominee that year) has a nice, quiet supporting performance as his friend and business partner, who is almost as desperate as Lemmon's character in trying to keep their company afloat. All the while, Harry's dream of the old days may cause him to feel alone and frustrated at the world around him. The film is mostly quiet (toward the end, I had an almost surreal feeling as I was around it), and that may be why so few people comment on it. This is a bit unfair, as it is a worthy film of the 1970's (possibly the greatest decade of films), and it features a superb piece of acting by Lemmon, who again proves, with his versatile career, why he has become one of the film world's most beloved actors. If it weren't for his performance, this movie might've become completely obscure. For that, I feel sorry for this entertaining and mostly straightforward story, and I wish that more were aware of it. I'm forced to identify and think, once again. Isolation is a scary place.

Greg W (de) wrote: horrible dated title for this pre-code rom-com-dram