When the Last Sword is Drawn

When the Last Sword is Drawn

Kanichiro Yoshimura is a Samurai and Family man who can no longer support his wife and children on the the low pay he receives from his small town clan, he is forced by the love for his family to leave for the city in search of higher pay to support them.

Kanichiro Yoshimura is a Samurai and Family man who can no longer support his wife and children on the the low pay he receives from his small town clan, he is forced by the love for his ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jamie B (es) wrote: I'll watch pretty much anything released by Magnet at this point. Some of my personal favs so far are Let the Right One In, Timecrimes, Rubber, Trollhunter, Tucker and Dale vs Evil, and Bad Milo. Here Comes the Devil is one to add to that list. While it certainly has its flaws, I can forgive them because it had something waaaaaaaaaaaay more important. What might that be? My attention. As I watch more and more movies, it takes more and more creativity (aka - weird shit) to draw me in, but this one had me right from the start. Mysterious and disturbing!

Damjan v (gb) wrote: it's unusual and keeps you engaged.

Iain R (nl) wrote: Self-consciously cute, King of California fails to transcend its languid plotting. The actors do an admirable job with the roles they are given, but the story is lost in its disingenuous take on mental health - a subject on which it ostensibly wants to tackle, but which quickly fades into the comedic elements of its quirkiness.

Jenny B (au) wrote: Very lightweight and not all that believable (I don't think anyone would believe that Toni & Nia were blokes) but a fun and enjoyable movie nonetheless.

John R (kr) wrote: 170122: My step-son, now 24, returned this movie to me raving about the soundtrack. He's now in the music industry, musician, and the film takes him back. I probably haven't seen this film in fifteen years but since he dug it out, delved in. Great story. Great soundtrack. Pretty fantastic art. Still great 18 years later and it took me back as well.

Ian B (nl) wrote: A touching film about transcendent love, featuring a delightfully witty and heartfelt performance from NYPD Blue's Dennis Franz!

Stuart K (jp) wrote: Adapted from William Gibson's 1981 short story of the same name, (Gibson did the screenplay here), and, to date, the only feature film made by artist and music video director Robert Longo, Johnny Mnemonic has some good ideas on display, but a late studio re-edit where they took 8 minutes out, which happened to leave the story lop-sided and with holes along the way, which is a shame, as it had potential. In 2021, Johnny (Keanu Reeves) is a mnemonic courier, which means that thanks to an implant in his brain, he can carry information discreetly without having to use the internet, where people could hack it. His handler Ralfi (Udo Kier), assigns him on a trip to Beijing, to collect some information. But, he finds himself under threat from the Yakuza, and as soon as he gets back to America, he's being targeted for the information he carries by Pharmacology executive Takahashi (Takeshi Kitano) and he's hired trained assassin Street Preacher (Dolph Lundgren) to find Johnny, and get that information. Johnny goes into hiding, and discovers why people are wanting this data. It's a good idea, but it came out too soon, when computer graphics were in their infancy and they look dated even now. But, this is a dry run for what Reeves would eventually come to do in The Matrix (1999), but despite having a good cast, that's not going to save this film.

Jason T (au) wrote: It's really a terrible movie with some unintentional comedy value. The one successful thing this movie achieves is providing a a fair amount of laughs. The 80's is VERY alive here. Probably one of Charles Band's best efforts, not that that's saying much.

Sharon A (au) wrote: sweet, fluffy and cute at times, but the obnoxious friend, the revolting ending and the mindless stupidity of this movie at times, just ruins it really. It could have been done so much better and lord I wish it had been.

Herp D (gb) wrote: Incredibly disturbing and terrifying. A horror classic.

Luke A (ca) wrote: This movie works if your 10 younger. When I saw it, I liked it a lot, or I thought it had a lot of potential. But even as a 10 year old, I found it to be a little out there. I'm feeling a remake of this movie, but this time actually make an enjoyable movie rather than what it is. Parts of Poseidon work as a far out tragedy flick, but it takes itself way to seriously, turning it into a stupid tragedy flick.

Mariana M (it) wrote: This was a great movie, the stompin was tight, and Chris Brown didn't do too bad for his little role. Ne-Yo was funny and Columbus Short was great.

Tyler R (br) wrote: Tried watching it. It hasn't aged very well. Couldn't get into it.

Peter F (it) wrote: Andrew Renzi's portrait of a flawed yet affable man is a rather thoughtful picture, albeit one that is modest to a fault. Richard Gere gives an exceptionally convincing performance as a man who wants to do everything right the wrong way, but Renz'si script feels a bit rushed in the final act. The film certainly leaves us on a note where we feel optimistic for the character, but it would have been more proficient for us to grasp a firmer grasp on his new direction. Certainly funny and relatable quite frequently, but it's parts are a bit stronger than it's whole.

erik a (ca) wrote: Especially the man in the water......