When Time Becomes a Woman

When Time Becomes a Woman

Zad is a revolutionist who is trying to free his country, but most of his plans went wrong. He has been looking for a woman for more than three years believing that she holds many secrets within herself that are capable of saving him, the entire world and maybe earth! Now he's on a mission to convince her to go with him in order to rebuild what he has destroyed, he believes that she has changed a lot while she believes she has never met him! Will Zad succeed in convincing her and eventually saves the humanity and the planet? (When Time Becomes a Woman) is a film that takes you into a journey of self-discovery. It takes place in one location with two characters only. Could this 70-minute meeting change both of their lives and fate? Could they take decisions that they long feared to take? This first Sci-Fi Arabic film aims to portray human stories within nothing but dialogue and emotions.

Zad is on a mission to convince a woman to go with him in order to save the world. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jose S (ag) wrote: Reviews missed the crux. This is a film that is seen through the eyes of the character played by Martin Landau, who has progressive Alzheimers. It is only towards the end that it becomes clear that all we have been watching has been distorted by the disease process. Boggles the mind that critics missed the point. This is excellent. You should also try "Talk to Her" with Julie Christie.

Sam B (au) wrote: Brilliant performances and a cult classic.

Manny C (br) wrote: A hooded serial killer is stalking passengers on the Budapest subway as Bulcsu (an excellent Sandor Csanyi) and four other ticket inspectors, known as Kontroll respectively, do all they can to stop the next person from being pushed into a moving train. The whole film is shot underground, lit eerily by only a fluorescent glow. Debuting writer-director Nimrod Antal laces the pulse-pounding suspense with humor, wit and sex (Bulcsu lusts for a babe in a bear suit played by Eszter Ball), but don't worry, the terror and thrills will still fry your nerves.

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Jennifer I (kr) wrote: Fond memories of this movie from my childhood. My brothers and I loved Vinnie!

Ola G (us) wrote: The mob enforcer Nick Devlin (Lee Marvin) is hired by Chicago racketeer Jake (Eddie Egan) to collect an overdue payment of $500,000 from Kansas City cattle baron Mary Ann (Gene Hackman). The previous attempts to collect the money has resulted in Jakes men having been mauled into sausages and drowned in the Missouri River. Devlin agrees to the fee of $50,000 and asks for some additional muscle. He gets a driver and three other younger members of the Irish mob as help him in the mission. When Devlin confronts Mary Ann at his cattle ranch in Kansas City its revealed that he also sells women as sex slaves. One of them, who is later revealed to have the name Poppy (Sissy Spacek), begs Devlin for help. Devlin takes her with him "on account". The next day Devlin is supposed to pick up the money at a county fair, but Mary Ann has other plans for Devlin and his men..."Prime Cut" was considered highly risqu for its time based on its violence and particularly its graphic depiction of female slavery, including a scene depicting naked young women in pens being auctioned like beef cattle. It is also noted for its depiction of the beef slaughtering process, and a famous chase scene involving a combine harvester, in an open field. Seeing Lee Marvin in the shoes (in this case white loafers!) of a hit man or enforcer is not really something out of the ordinary as he did a few roles as specifically that. His performance is low-key and yet you know that Devlin is a highly dangerous man who wont stop for anything when on a mission. Gene Hackman is in great and nasty shape doing yet another bad guy you truly mislike the minute he appears. "Prime Cut" is gritty and I love how Michael Ritchie has directed it with a touch of Hitchcock goes hillbilly. The action is pretty solid, even if it wobbles sometimes. I love as well that Devlin uses a Smith & Wesson M76 submachine gun which is a copy of the Swedish Carl Gustav M/45. The funny thing is that I have been looking at this movie a couple of times, but the cover was so shitty I didnt think it would be any good. Then I found the movie in a remastered version with a different much more appealing cover in Berlin and thus I bought it. Meaning a dvd cover design does make a difference. "Prime Cut" is a gangster action/drama that stands out specifically with the very ugly view on female sex slavery, but also with great performances by Marvin and Hackman.

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