When Trumpets Fade

When Trumpets Fade

In WWII Western Germany, Private David Manning reluctantly leaves behind a mortally wounded fellow soldier and searches for survivors from his platoon, only to learn from commanding officer Captain Pritchett that they have all been killed in action. Despite requesting a discharge on the grounds of mental disability, Manning is promoted to sergeant and assigned to lead a new platoon of young inductees.

Promoted to sergeant and assigned to lead a new platoon of young inductees against his will, a U.S. soldier (Ron Eldard) learns about survival, bravery and morality in World War II Germany. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Russell G (gb) wrote: This is one is hard to make it through. It falls under the thriller category, but it is very thrilling or suspenseful. The story is dumb and predictable right from the start. Everything is on the table in the first few minutes of the movie. This is just bad writing, which leaves no mystery or complexity to hold the viewer's interest. The acting is not particularly strong, but with such paper thin characters, they have nothing to work with. The main selling point here is seeing Morgan Fairchild swimming, bathing, and changing. It is almost like the writers took those three scenes and wrote a patchwork story around them. Even when it comes to showcasing their eye candy the movie lacks skill. The scenes that highlight Fairchild's looks lack style. She does not vulnerable enough to invoke tension and suspense, like a good thriller should, nor does it titillate or steam things up in a memorable fashion. At least things pick up a little near the end, as the main character fights back. Even then, it is highly predictable and exhibits unskilled direction.

Aman A (au) wrote: For a bizarre film, it was good. Independent looking, yet with crazy commercial cliches, it is a movie you can watch but may be not something you would be proud of having seen. Easily avoidable, this movie was not so much of a waste of time but a waste of a movie.

Brandon W (fr) wrote: I LOVED this movie growing up. My cousins and I would watch it at their Cabin up at Shuswap lake almost every year. Unfortunately, watching this now as an adult and as a film student, I was so disappointed to find out that this film does not hold up at all. Some jokes still work, some really don't. When the filmmakers give a little bit of time between each joke for the audience to laugh but all you hear is complete silence, it's really awkward. Heather Graham, let's talk about her. Like most bond girls she's parodying, she is drop dead beautiful. Her acting on the other hand can be cringeworthy. All in all, mentioning some of the jokes with your friends at a bar will garner more laughs then actually watching the movie.

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Christie B (ru) wrote: I love this movie, Colin and Matthew are amazing...

Esha K (au) wrote: Not For the faint of hearts... or for the stupids who always look for deeper meanings of entertainment... This movie is fun through and through... My second most favorite Bruce Willis film... :)

Joshua L (br) wrote: This is a weird ass movie but there is alot in it to enjoy.