When Wolf Falls in Love with Sheep

When Wolf Falls in Love with Sheep

Life is tough in a big city. Especially for a young Taiwanese photocopy clerk, whose recent breakup haunts him day in and day out. But like all urban romance he soon meets the eccentric ...

This heart-warming romantic comedy takes place at Nanyang Street, the most famous "cram school" street in Taipei City. A young man works at a copy shop where his life is a boring routine of copying test papers for students. One day he finds a drawing of a sheep mixed in on the test papers, which leads him to an unexpected journey. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tay S (it) wrote: Absolutely amazing. This movie contains the insight into the "militaristic life" which is completely accepted by the american society even though most people have no idea what they are supporting. I think everyone and anyone who has or knows someone who has or is fighting overseas, should without a doubt see this film.

Ankit A (it) wrote: who cares 4 critics...........waitin 4 triple dhamaal

Katja A (us) wrote: Eikhn nm "mutantit" ole jo nhty. No ehk ei HK:ssa. Aika typer tarina, mutta Collin Choun ja Wu Jingin matsi oli ihan siisti.

Vuk M (au) wrote: I am not an American and I even lean towards being a Communist but this "movie" is something that even Muslim extremists would frown upon. Could pass as a cheap comedy but when they try to sell it as the truth I slowly start approving US actions world wide , very slowly.

Rosie T (de) wrote: Not seen this version

Ethan P (gb) wrote: This movie is CLASSIC.

Aaron G (ru) wrote: I give this movie exactly 2 1/2 stars because this movie is exactly 1/2 of a good movie... the first half. Once the vampires show up I checked out.

Jennifer T (us) wrote: This is a wonderful movie. Beautiful and moving, but def not a chick flick. I always liked Tom Berenger and he is hott in this movie.

Andr D (us) wrote: Vuelve Michael Dudikoff para unirse a David Bradley en otra asquerosa entregade la saga "American Ninja". Y esto es mucho decir, ya que las 3 partes anteriores son tambin toda una porquera.

Erin W (br) wrote: Not very good. Tobacco-chewing in a kids movie? No, thanks. Bad plot, bad songs.

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Courtney G (br) wrote: Watch it not for the acting or story necessarily, but for the musical numbers. They are worth sitting through the whole thing. Beautiful music, awesome costumes, great dancing and singing of course, and amazing visuals (especially Shadow Waltz).

Will C (gb) wrote: Great acting, great cinematography, story goes completely haywire towards the end. That's what happens when you have the novelist produce the movie adaptation.