When Women Kill

When Women Kill


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1984
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:independent film,  

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When Women Kill torrent reviews

Kevin B (kr) wrote: Not a fan of Oliver Stone's politics however Gordon-Levitt has a stand up performance.

Tom H (ca) wrote: OMG. If I had funded this, I'd want a refund. I feel like charging the producer for my time in watching it.

Pranav K (ru) wrote: Really entertaining film that pokes lighthearted fun at the "War on Terror" and the U.S. intelligence in general regarding the response to 9/11. It sure sounds like a difficult feat to do, but this film does it, and it was badly needed after unending preachy bombardments of fear, paranoia, nationalism, social justice, etc., etc. for almost a decade.

Margara M (ru) wrote: Me gust mucho.... visualmente es hermosa... lenta, pero hermosa.....

Caitlin A (ca) wrote: Instead of giving it a rating, I just want to give it a HUGE QUESTION MARK. ???I didn't really know what to think. It has it's moments, and I watched the whole thing with my brothers and their friend without once fast-forwarding like the person below. It was so amateur... on purpose? I don't know. It's interesting and perplexing for its strangeness.

Matt H (au) wrote: Awesome. Worth buying

Eleese w (au) wrote: OHH mY GoD i want to see this movie

Lee P (mx) wrote: Merci Michel Serraut, merci!

Ingrid (au) wrote: The best Elvis film,without songs.

ray r (gb) wrote: I hated this movie. How is this rated so highly. Its so stupid. Spoiler alert, dont read on if you dont want to know what happens. The whole movie is fucking ridiculous. Why doesnt Guy just lose the 3 fucking sets if he wants to get away quickly and why doesnt he just go to the cops from the start and why the fuck do the cops shoot at a merry go round full of kids, killing the old guy operating it and who builds merry go rounds that go that fucking fast... and how many people mustve been seriously injured when it finally crashed. Also Bruno picked a very open and easy place to be caught to murder the girl who he was clearly stalking and why the fuck wasnt he arrested for attempted murder at the party. This movie was so stupid that I had to start skipping it due to anger and I normally try to watch movies completely but this was utter nonsense. Classic me ballsack.

Rasheed T (us) wrote: It's not the best start but it's a beginning.People need to understand that the personalities differ because this is a new world, a kind of DC. It's best to give it a chance!As for the movie, it's action is great, animation is great, the plot is decent, not the best, but decent. My only issue is that the voice actors with the choice of words could have been better.