When Women Lost Their Tails

When Women Lost Their Tails

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Two tribes of dimwitted cavemen prepare for war against each other. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Katie P (jp) wrote: Ohhhhh I would do ANYTHING for him if he was my husband ;) sex all day, everyday

Jorge V (jp) wrote: just watched..kayama true love ohy.. kung ingon ani kaha ko sa?kadiyota ra jud sa among pagkuyog2x..months ra..pero sulit na tanan..

Jocey D (it) wrote: It's amusing, sassy and fun to live vicariously through the lovely Rebecca Bloomwood.

Cesar C (ru) wrote: Raoul Bova and Michela Quattociocche made great interactions in the movie, somewhat predictable but still enjoyable to watch. A bit too cliche, and the very strange reaction of Niki's parents was a little unbelievable.

Ryan G (fr) wrote: A light comedy with nothing remarkable and a couple of laughs.

Jerry R (jp) wrote: This movie is just awesome and sad. I love everything about the movie but it isn't story fulled enough to be a 5 star

Ben B (ru) wrote: Ludicrous, cheesy and unashamedly '80s from start to finish. Enjoyable enough.

Wesley W (ru) wrote: extra cheese. Great film to yell at. some of the worst special effects ever.

Tom D (kr) wrote: The imagery is wonderful although variable, and I think you can read what you like into it, but I saw it with Phillip Glass & co. performing the score live - a wonderful experience!

Shark M (fr) wrote: WHAT I LIKED? Rourke is pretty good and the movie is watchable. WHAT I DIDN'T? The storyline isn't great and the delivery isn't either. I also didn't really like the ending. WOULD I RECOMMEND IT? Although it's watchable, I wouldn't recommend Bullet.

Bob W (es) wrote: I like creepy doll movies even more than clowns. And I like how Housebound created a similar character better.