When Worlds Collide

When Worlds Collide

When a group of astronomers calculate a star is on a course to slam into Earth, a few days before, it's accompanying planet will first pass close enough to the Earth to cause havoc on land and sea. They set about building a rocket so a few selected individuals can escape to the planet.

As a new star and planet hurtle toward a doomed Earth, a small group of survivalists frantically work to complete the rocket which will take them to their new home. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ellen G (ag) wrote: Fin og trist. Trist og fin.

Scott R (us) wrote: a hardcore look into life as a teenager in the rough parts of London, and it is not easy nor simple. I felt some of the characters acted well above their age, thus making it less believable.

Jason J (br) wrote: The movie is a very strange and quirky dark tale of a bunch of outcasts that spend their time working as ticket inspectors in the subway, but their leader is a haunting and charming guy that is obviously dealing with his demons and has exiled himself to the subway. In his quest for finding life again, so much stuff happens. The story is beautiful, but pretty dark and creepy at times, and the romantic plot between him and the gorgeous teddy bear girl in which both share their "outcastness" is perfect. This is just an amazing and wonderful movie. It's funny, romantic, creepy, exciting and thought provoking. I was very impressed - make sure you watch this delightful movie.

Robyn M (es) wrote: Alright so ive heard so many negative rather then positive reviews about this movie. when nothing else on TV i had the oppurtuinity to watch it...The results our in. I liked it!Kate Hudson was charming, positive and cowardly but lovable. The story begins after her sister dies. both her and the living sister (Joan cusack) sort out the will inside Hudson is granted custody of the childern. The war begins when Hudson and Cusack fight for who really should have the childern. In the mean time Hudson lives the reality of having Baggage or as others call it "being a parent"... The dream job she once had slipped away, her love life fizzed and her home was relocated. In all of this the childern had the helpful process of grieving through there school principal who also was a paster and in love with Hudson... the plot thickens lucky for the audience everything is predicatble. Great chick flick, but not Oscar worthy.

Erin C (mx) wrote: Shocking story. I couldn't imagine going through this, much less coming out of it as strong as she did.

Sandra S (mx) wrote: I OWN IT! BWWAAAA. Actually due to the political nature of the film, I haven't watched it yet. Not into politics but the fan club says this is one of Mr. Lee's best.

Phillie E (it) wrote: Entertaining, creepily resonant political comedy.

Marischa B (es) wrote: I personally am a huge fan of all three actors, especially Connery, who I really started to get into after his performance in Finding Forrestor. As such, when I noticed this movie at the local rental hut I decided to give it a watch.Unfortunately I simply didn't like the movie. It came off as forced and the story was predictable and while the premise is kind of cute overall it felt way too stretched out. The actors do be themselves and they put out okay performances. But, with predictable story and plot it just didn't do it for me. It had potential, but as I say, sometimes too many A-lists don't provide a good movie.

Ruben A (nl) wrote: seemed pretty enjoyable, and cheesyok, so i saw this finally. its actually very good. full of atmosphere and all the characters are very interesting. the acting is pretty good ehich i found surprising. the build up was great! and the climax was very entertaining, but didnt make sense. after the climax's ending i was full of questions. and the ending just made more. i think thats what tuned people off of this film. that ending just...i dont know where to begin.aside from that, its a pretty effective film that i reccomend

Carlos I (fr) wrote: Hilarious, classic comedy. Perfectly spoofs the old airport movies. I love how unabashedly un PC it is. It's refreshing in this limp-wristed day and age we live in.

VJ B (jp) wrote: Rex Harrison's great, but it's an action movie, and the older the action movie, the less thrilling the action.

Charles P (mx) wrote: Dragonheart isn't a terribly satisfying experience. Sometimes it's moderately engaging, sometimes a bit of a drag.

Jocelyn S (us) wrote: Never overdone, never underdone, this is a perfectly balanced story that is neither generic nor trite. A fresh and satisfying tragedy told in the genre of horror, this is a film of rare quality.

Kurtis A (br) wrote: net nezinau, toks vietomis labai geras, kai kuriomis ne, ir labai vietom ziaurus, bet siaip tai patiko

Nicole B (de) wrote: I knew there was a reason I didn't like her. The only good thing about it was LeBron.