When You Come Home

When You Come Home

When You Come Home was Randle’s seventh feature film, and sees him recount his life as a music hall odd job man to his grandaughter.

A music hall odd-job man, put-upon at work and at home, finally decides to assert himself when the theatre is threatened by secret redevelopment plans. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Cylus O (fr) wrote: A very long, boring, and bland movie. Honestly after watching it I retained almost nothing from the show, and that tells a story.

Richard G (au) wrote: Made in 2007,Three kids and their Dad move from L.A to Edmonton. When they go shopping at West Edmonton Mall they find counterfeit cash. They inadvertently help catch the crooks, and later make a discovery about Santa. Not a bad Christmas film,maybe worth a look if you're in the mood for an easy to watch Christmas film,its averagew but is watchable.

She Wanna Be Me (ru) wrote: Good movie!!!! It really goes to show how twisted sum men and MOTHERS can be. Stuff like that happens 4 real.

Roshan C (us) wrote: An absolutely awful comedy that ruins one of the greatest leaders of all time's name in almost every way.

Ania R (gb) wrote: 'Ch*j tam panie z Litwinami!' A brilliant performance by Kondrat (as always) portraying a day from Ada? Mia?czy?ski's life. He's a lonely (divorced) underpaid Polish literature teacher, who encounters problems from the very moment he is woken up. He has arguments and gets angry with everything and everyone, but also has moments of reminiscence and daydreams about his long-lost love throughout the movie. Can be watched over and over again!

Nick B (nl) wrote: pretty cool 70s movie, can see why it was so contrevatioal back in the day, just a bunch of kids getting out of control, bits of this were based on a true story which I thought was pretty awesome. Matt Dillion's first movie i thought he looked heaps like kelso from that 70s show. I heard they based the video smells like teen spirit after this movie.

Joel K (mx) wrote: Tom Selleck, need I say more. Tom drives an awesome red convertible sports car, shocking huh. Great 70's threads and decor throughout the film. Action centers around the Duarte Coven of witches from 1592 in Manila. Great ending.

Cassandra M (br) wrote: Billy Liar!" impressed me more than many other admirable British pictures of this era, like "Room at the Top", "The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner" and "This Sporting Life". It managed to generate a more tangible blend of poignancy and amusement. It's not often humour of the "laugh-out-loud" nature, more of the subtle, grim kind. The reality of Britain at that time is I suspect, very well conveyed here, with the old working-class, represented by Councillor Duxbury (astutely played by the fine Finlay Currie) and Billy's family, very much at odds with what they see as an ungrateful, decadent youth. All the performances hit the intended mark, with Leonard Rossiter typically Rossiter, almost as a younger Rigsby, without so much noticeable seediness. Julie Christie is as good as the role allows, an odd role, very much the "dream girl" of Billy and I dare say a good few others. The film expertly avoids sentimentalizing matters by its cunning, apposite last section. The Danny Boon character is, one suspects, all too typical of the TV light entertainer mould in reality. His reliance on cheap non-gags, smug guffaws and "audience banter" is well conveyed in just a few short scenes. It's interesting that Billy seems to aspire so much to write for him in particular... Helen Fraser's character Barbara is wonderfully quaint; a type long gone it seems. One can understand Billy's frustrations with his respectively prudish and plain (Barbara) and ignorant (Rita) girlfriends, and his anger at his family, although some sympathy is correctly reserved for them. The direction is very good by Schlesinger, emphasizing all the right things. The fine context-setting opening montage expertly draws in the viewer, and never at any stage henceforth is anyone's attention likely to wane. The film is most of all Tom Courtenay's; he gives a truly resonant performance, bringing to vivid life a character far removed from the norms of film making at the time. The fantasy sequences are finely done, and all add more deep impression of this character. His digressive tendencies, self-destructive habits, economy with the truth are well balanced by a sense of yearning and imagination. One cannot help but like and relate to the character, a creation that resoundingly rings true. His ambivalence to the class system comes across concisely, in particular. A fine film indeed, with so many of the smaller touches that many films miss. Witty, sad and a seminal film of the era, very much a crossroads in British history.

Allan C (it) wrote: Well made, suspenseful WWI submarine film of ship captain Grant taking his sub into Japanese waters. Raoul Walsh know how to direct a tight film and choreograph solid action, and this film is no exception. Good supporting cast too, with John Garfield, Alan Hale, and John Forsythe in his film debut (although he did have an uncredited role in "Northern Pursuit", also directed by Walsh).

Matthew L (gb) wrote: THAT WAS SO BORING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!