Where Does Your Hidden Smile Lie?

Where Does Your Hidden Smile Lie?


Undaunted by a commission to make a film about his mentors and aesthetic exemplars, the filmmaking team of Jean-Marie Straub and Danièle Huillet, Costa records with great sensitivity and insight the exacting process by which the two re-edit their film SICILIA!, discussing and arguing over each cut and its effect. Incorporating comments about the influence of figures as diverse as Chaplin and Eisenstein, about the ethical and aesthetic implications of film technique and such matters as rhythm, sound mixing, and acting, WHERE LIES YOUR HIDDEN SMILE? becomes a tour de force, immersing us in the mysteries of cinema as practiced by some of its greatest creators. Costa calls the film both his first comedy and his first love story. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Where Does Your Hidden Smile Lie? torrent reviews

Mohamed F (nl) wrote: Could be a TV movie at best

Kyle A (mx) wrote: I didn't fully like "Bellflower", in fact I'm not sure if I even like it all that much. While that may be the case, I do fully respect the film. It's wholly unique. I've never seen this story, let alone seen it made this way. The cinematography is just plain different. The fact that it was shot for $17k makes thinking about the film jaw-dropping.

Thomas G (fr) wrote: Tales From the Script is basically a documentary that interviews screenwriters that work in Hollywood for their successes, failures, and what to expect as a screenwriter. Interviews include Jon Carpenter, Frank Darabont, Paul Schrader, and Guinevere Turner, the writer of BloodRayne. This film has not only given me the impression that only Uwe Boll and not the writer ruin video game films, but this gives me a clear idea of how the works that I write may be treated when auctioned in Hollywood. And I will warn you right now; it won't be easy at all. It won't be easy because Hollywood executives only accept exttremely mainstream works before anyone else, and I am not very mainstream. For example, I want to see mature animated films, R-rated superhero films, and a good video game film (no suprise). There have been critics complaining that the film only allows the interviewed screenwriters to talk about the industry, and not to speak of their love of writing. I was fine with this beacuse I saw the film as an instructional video of how screenplays are made into films. If it had been about the writers' love of screenwriting, it would have been less interesting and boring. If those of you are looking to write screenplays (which I doubt any of you are), you should see this on Netflix right now.

Anna B (br) wrote: Stupid movie gave its own twist away really early (I don't try to guess twists, but I got it pretty much dead on just from a glance that two of the characters give each other), but there are a few really nicely-observed character moments (Jovovich's little storytelling moment in the rain is surprisingly effective) and Timothy Olyphant is fun. The ending is pretty bad though. I'm actually probably being too generous with this score. Works better as a drama than a thriller.

Megan P (ag) wrote: Please put it back on the website

Seth S (jp) wrote: Winged Migration is an insanely high regarded movie. It holds a 96% on the TomatoMeter, and scored an Oscar nomination for Best Documentary. Granted, I only saw this once, and I was young, but I remember enough. The premise of this movie is simple. It follows the migration of dozens of birds. The birds come from different places, and eventually wind up in different places. Obviously the scenery and images are the attraction of the movie. And there are plethora of beautiful images of the birds in flight. But it's the very idea of the movie that downs it in the end. When it comes down to it, I'm not interest in watching birds for 85 minutes. Sure for the first 20 minutes it is a wonder to behold. But eventually it just becomes a drag. I can understand the love for this movie, because it is beautiful, but pretty images are only so interesting for so long. "The story of bird migration is the story of promise - a promise to return." 4/10

Joo V (mx) wrote: sempre bom voltar a ver Anthony Hopkins como Hannibal Lecter, mas neste filme, pouco faz. A cena de abertura (um flashback) o mais interessante, de resto, nunca sai da sua cela. As personagens principais so Edward Norton (bom trabalho embora no ter tido que se esforar demasiado) e Ralph Fiennes (o melhor no filme, com uma presena intimidante e credvel). uma prequela que no chega nem perto do que foi Silncio dos Inocentes, mas agradvel o suficiente para um casual e bom para fs.

Greg N (es) wrote: Sonny Chiba plays the meanest guy to ever be named Terry or for that matter wheeze like asthma is going our of style in this movie. I guess he had to get mean cause that's a hard name to have when you're trying to be a gangster and it's even harder when you wheeze uncontrollably when fighting. So, by the end of the movie he makes sure to sell people into slavery, kill just about everyone, literally punch someone's balls off, and basically prove he's one hell of a cool dude in that amoral sense of the word. With your brain off the movie works wonders.

Alex r (ru) wrote: Horror comedies tend to be hard to pull off, finding the right amount of horror and comedic elements to make the film work can be tricky, but My Best Friend is a Vampire manages to pull off both elements quite well, and the result is An entertaining feature that boasts a good cast, with an entertaining story and whimsical performances that make this film standout among other such horror comedies. Like Fright Night, the film uses vampires in order to create the horror aspect, but the filmmakers add some fun, entertaining and worthwhile aspects to the script to make this a thoroughly engaging film experience. I really enjoyed the film and this film is well worth seeing if you enjoy the genre. My Best Friend is a Vampire is a well thought out affair, one that should be cherished by genre fans. If you enjoy vampire films with good comedic elements, then this is well worth your time. My Best Friend is a Vampire works quite well as a film that manages to bring horror and comedy into one film, and it's a film that is well worth seeing if you enjoy the genre. Ian terms of vampire films, this is an overlooked film, one that deserves to be seen again due to its interesting idea and comedic elements. My Best Friend is a Vampire is a fun film, one that will surely be appreciated by genre fans due to its comedic content, and original spin on the classic vampire formula. The result works quite well, and this is a fun, entertaining film well worth your time.

gary t (ru) wrote: well umn just seen this movie 4 the 1st time n think that this is a good movie 2 watch............its got a good cast of actors/actressess throughout this movie....i think that richard roundtree, phillip locke, richard wren, paul picemi, michael sheard, elliott gould, claudia cardinale, david niven, anthony valentine, roger moore, stephanie powers play good roles/parts throughout this movie...i think that thne director of this thriller/action/adventure/drama movie had done a good job of directing this movie because you never know what 2 expect throughout this movie....i think that this is a good war time movie 2 watch with a good cast throughout this movie

Tom D (ru) wrote: This features Burt Lancaster seemingly with boot polish smeared on his face, pretending to be a "Native American".

Sage H (fr) wrote: Not much as Dirty Harry as he is Philo Beddoe as a cop, Coogan's Bluff provides most of the things we love about the star to his wacky antics to his one liners and smart mouth attitude but somehow manages to tone down his tough guy persona.

Chris C (us) wrote: Smart and thrilling, Bad Influence is an indie thriller that delivers a solid, creepy charismatic performance by Rob Lowe.