Where Eskimos Live

Where Eskimos Live

Sharkey, part of the sinister world of child trade, picks up Vlado, an orphan of war, dreaming of freedom and a better life. They embark upon a strange and enlightening journey through war torn Bosnia. As they struggle to get out of the country and fight to stay alive, they find a special love and compassion from which emerges their ultimate moral and spiritual redemption.

Sharkey, part of the sinister world of child trade, picks up Vlado, an orphan of war, dreaming of freedom and a better life. They embark upon a strange and enlightening journey through war ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Randy Y (ru) wrote: Good energy to the film, good characters, & pretty regular laughs. Subtle education/PTA backdrop, upbeat music and a decent pace to the film. The main characters are pretty easy to hang out with for and hour & a half.

Dennis M R (gb) wrote: Endearing story and well-made documentary. A story of passionate fanboys who are also good students of film.

David S (br) wrote: yet another finely tuned silent influencer to your belief that shit happens and America makes mistakes.... uuuhh

Thomas P (mx) wrote: The biggest problem with this movie is that the "found footage" genre has been done to death at this point which turns most people off to this film. Also seeing it like a home movie does get rather annoying after a while and it does go at a slow pace. For the most part this movie is really tailored toward those who have an active interest in the Apollo space program and NASA as well as any conspiracy theories that goes with it. If you don't fit into that group you really won't like this film. That and moon rock monsters is kinda ridiculous to most.

James T (ca) wrote: not the best in the series. but some good action sequences in it

Rune B (br) wrote: Sterke film som ikkje vefortelle. Steinbra skuespel og stemningsfylt te tusen.

Erica J (au) wrote: It's not something that I would have pictured her to be in regardless it was definitely worth my time

Hosea Aryo Bimo Widiotomo N (ag) wrote: it's a introspective and insightful movie about integrity.

Benoit M (us) wrote: Bof... Interesting story line. Bad cinematography... lame script.

Lewis E (us) wrote: 'One Hour (and 38 mins) Photo' captures a clear picture of Robin Williams' capabilities beyond the frame of comedy. Here he plays a creepy photo technician who grows an unhealthy infatuation with a family, a role effectively played with such uncomfortable niceness that it manages to combine both disturbing and endearing qualities. However, the early promise of a sinister tale is abandoned in favour of a lacklustre conclusion which failed to take the characters in any significant direction. Perhaps worth watching regardless due to Williams performance but after such a gripping start, it was a shame it didn't apply the photo finish.

Vedran S (au) wrote: Very, very un necessary and un intentionally annoying sequel as well as cheap.

Trevor F (fr) wrote: Not even a movie, just trash.

Jo D (ca) wrote: Better than Leprechaun

David L (nl) wrote: Time Bandits is such a frustrating movie and another proof that I strongly dislike Terry Gilliam's style. It does have some interesting scenes and imagery and you can't deny its originality, but it is tonally inconsistent as it tries to be both a family fantasy flick and an odd, bizarre comedy and it just never succeeds in either of those areas as the humor is overly Pythonian and the fantasy elements and characters are silly.

Bill B (it) wrote: A fun big dumb action flick, but also fairly forgettable aside from a death scene here or there. I generally enjoy Jason Statham, so this is something I can see returning to as comfort food, but I'd highly doubt it'll end up being anyone's favorite film, y'know?Possibly best viewed on cable as a guilty pleasure rather than purchased or rented.

Charlie W (kr) wrote: British horror at its best. Enough said.

apollo h (fr) wrote: it was ok, like Fargo better

Cheryl B (ag) wrote: what happen to the son, the young man?

Peyton C (de) wrote: Hilarious and well-acted, Zombieland is a hilarious horror comedy, that still holds up.