Where Got Ghost?

Where Got Ghost?

"Where Got Ghost?" is a Horror-Comedy Chinese Movie. 3-in-1 Horror tales told in a good old comedy fashion.

"Where Got Ghost?" is a Horror-Comedy Chinese Movie. 3-in-1 Horror tales told in a good old comedy fashion. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nicola P (es) wrote: goog film, but characters attitudes constantly change, and there are so many characters, it's hard to keep track of them all.

Jacob D (br) wrote: A great coming of age movie with a lot of stuff to like.

Kaisher M (mx) wrote: These Characters has no Development.

WTFcontigo R (br) wrote: Nada mal, pero siento que pierde consistencia de la mitad de la pelicula en adelante.

sujay v (ca) wrote: Excellent documentation of a very telling event.

Leo L (nl) wrote: Here's an interesting movie about two young individuals who first become friends, and then through love, cannot live without each other. Diya's father and Arjun's father are old friends, and the two decide that it is the best course to have their children married. They decide to send Diya to Arjun's family to finish her university studies, and it is there that she realizes her love for Arjun. Arjun is a young, carefree guy who lives life to the fullest and soon his friendship with Diya grows on him. They are inseparable until Arjun does something foolish, and it sends Diya home. It is there that Arjun discovers his love for Diya. Great cast- Aishwarya Rai, Vivek Oberoi, Amitabh Bachchan, and Om Puri. Worth seeing!

Frederik V (ag) wrote: Een Vlaamse film waar ik nu eens echt van heb kunnen genieten! De voorman van dEUS heeft hierbij zijn eerste pluim als cineast meer dan verdiend. De titel vat het thema van de film goed samen: er is er geen! De camera vliegt als het ware op de wind mee, en botst daarbij willekeurig op de levens van een aantal inwoners uit Antwerpen: elk met hun eigen miniatuurdrama?s, woede en geluk. Ik kan het niet laten om daarbij alweer een vergelijking te maken met Magnolia uit 1999, waar op het einde alle spelers in n apocalyptische apotheose samenkomen. Any Way the Wind Blows pakt het op de gebied iets subtieler aan. De film heeft een open einde, iets waaraan ik normaalgezien een heilige hekel heb. Maar de humor, en de herkanbare, doch hilarische situaties bezorgen je op een of andere manier een bevredigend gevoel achteraf.

Garwin S (ca) wrote: Sentimental weepie the Chinese are so good at. Moving and humanistic reminiscent of Ozu.

Rosendo D (ru) wrote: Great story. F. Murray Abraham truly takes the center of this film. The cinematography is mediocre.

Zach L (au) wrote: A weak entry into the Godzilla saga with an uninteresting monster and not as much "Godzilla" 5.3/10

Nicholas W (gb) wrote: This is a bad movie but the actors make it fun, especially Janet McTeer who is excellent. Paz Vega is actually the weak link and probably the least important character, oddly enough, considering they tried to market the film around her face and body.

Stephen Z (it) wrote: Everyone loves a good love triangle. Especially when it involves a man, a woman, and ... a 25-foot gorilla? That's right, I'm talking about the one and only "King Kong", or at least Peter Jackson's remake of it.Of course, over 70 years after the original was released, it is worth mentioning the advancement of technology since then. The visual effects of "King Kong" are top notch. Everything looks great: Kong, the landscapes of Skull Island, and even dinosaurs that would make "Jurassic Park" jealous.The cast of "King Kong" is likewise fantastic, resulting in some very interesting characters. Naomi Watts as Ann Darrow and Adrien Brody as Jack Driscoll are both excellent leads, though I don't entirely buy their whirlwind romance. Also, it's refreshing to see Jack Black in a role where he isn't making fart jokes. But seriously, he does deliver a good performance as the sly, deceitful Carl Denham. And of course, I have to mention the excellent motion capture work done by Andy Serkis, which brought Kong to life.This film suffers mostly from its slow pace. For example, it is 70 minutes into the film before Kong makes his first appearance. While the slow pace allows for plenty of character development, it makes certain parts of the film drag on.Peter Jackson's overlong remake of this Hollywood classic is certainly a beautiful work of art, but it is a loooong 3 hours to sit through. That said, it is well worth it because this "King Kong" pays great homage to the original.

John S (gb) wrote: Delightful movie for anyone who likes crazy alternate history, over the top heroism and alien tech mixed with steampunk. not a deep and complex story but a decent SF style war story again if you enjoy over the top heroism. Teddy Roosevelt was very well played. Interesting that so many actors from the highlander TV show were in the voice cast.

Jona S (ru) wrote: I hate Frozen, and besides, I saw the first one and it was annoying and stupid! I'd rather watch Tangled!