Where Love Has Gone

Where Love Has Gone

A divorced couple's teen-age daughter stands trial for stabbing her mother's latest lover.

A divorced couple's teen-age daughter stands trial for stabbing her mother's latest lover. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Bruno V (us) wrote: The man who can only sing great when he is taking a shower is the best of this medium movie ...all the rest little love story's , neh

Jesse J (kr) wrote: one of the worst movies i have ever seen in my entire life....

Greg W (mx) wrote: ok but not a documentary as flixter suggests good drama

Sean P (ru) wrote: Kept me guessing until the end. Some of the plot points were easy to call, like who the girl on the phone at the beginning was. However, there were several times I thought that I had something and then it was wrong.

Stephen C (au) wrote: Sidney Lumet is an old hand at Police and Law dramas and this film is ace even thoughhj it slipped under the radar. Andy Garcia plays a young lawyer who is thrown in at the deep end when he is called to prosecute a vicious drug dealer who has murdered 3 cops and wounded his father (The ever Excellent Ian Holm). What seesm like an open and shut case becomes more murky the further Garcia rises up in the system. Everything here works because Lumet is such a good director of actors. He get great performances from Garcia,Richard Dreyfuss,James Gandolfini and Ron Liebrman as Garcias hyper boss. The film deserves to be better know and it ranks alongside some Of Lumets best work.

Mike M (it) wrote: Widely regarded as a poor-mans 'Terminator 2: Judgment Day', 'Ghost in the Machine' at least has a bit of late 80's early 90's nostalgia to it. Then of course theirs the awesome Karen Allen (Raiders of the Lost Ark). Trashy fun. and by trash i mean TRASH.

Corrie F (jp) wrote: but persian men are so sexy

Raymond L (nl) wrote: The average Stephen Chow film with its slapstick humour which can get a bit too extreme in some parts. But overall it is quite funny and worth watching.

Joey T (nl) wrote: When I saw this I was like ''This is close to Khan''91%

Citien P (mx) wrote: Great atmosphere, wonderful costumes and yet something was missing.

Jacob B (nl) wrote: The Maze Runner may not be as compelling as its enjoyable source material nor as good a film based off of a YA novel as The Hunger Games but its talented cast including what just might be a starmaking turn for Dylan O'Brien and visual thrills help make it one of the YA movies that's better-than-average even if its ending may earn criticism from some audiences regardless of whether they read James Dashner's book or not.

Duncan N (it) wrote: 5 FUKING STARZ. This movie was awesome. Let's face it, it as flippin cik, and h8rs are just shitting on it b/c...they h8, that's what they do. Like, I don't think anyone should be shitting on this movie the way people do, especially considering the movie films that get rave reviews like ALL of the Marvel movies, which're dope, don't get me wrong, it's just that I can't say that any given Marvel movie is great and then say that Waterworld was anything less than great. One thing that Waterworld gave us a look at a very dystopian future that results from, probably, environmental destruction, and I think that's pretty on point today, and Waterworld did it b4 it was cool!!! I think there's like some social political shit going on too, which's kinda cik. Also, the action in this movie, like, I think it was pretty damn well done, like, I think the ~$175million cost was well spent.