Where Once We Walked

Where Once We Walked

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Jake G (us) wrote: Saw it on NetFilx...I laughed...didn't know it was supposed to be horror. 3.5 stars for being funny.

Jon A (fr) wrote: Turned it off after 10 minutes after a scene of them eating a sandwich (no talking) went on for 2 minutes.

Grant S (it) wrote: Very very bad. Don't be fooled by the title either - nothing at all exciting happens.

Andrew C (gb) wrote: are you kidding me????

Timothy H (jp) wrote: it may not be the best comic book movie adaptation but i believe its very fateful to the style and tone of the comic with very interesting plot elements, it has minor faults with the effects but its ok with me a good film to a ok comic book i recommend it to people who want a fun egdey movie in a comic style or if you like a movie thats really takes the action to new levels in a low quality way then here you go.

Jussi O (es) wrote: I dislike the manly integrity and power-related violence. But I must say despite all too ressentiment and vengeance biased plot and all, I think it's still quite a package for a movie, for a action and for a horror characters.

aaron w (mx) wrote: Best comedy of all time

Joseph B (de) wrote: Relatively speaking, it's a better film than Paul Morrissey's previous film "Flesh for Frankenstein" but ultimately "Blood for Dracula" suffers from a poor script, poor acting and poor direction. Count Dracula is weak and dying and he needs the blood of a virgin, so he travels to Italy and finds a family on the verge of bankruptcy with four daughters looking for a wealthy suitor. Surprise cameo by director Roman Polanski and Vittorio De Sica.

alejandro g (fr) wrote: interesting weirdly nice movie

Daniel G (gb) wrote: I always knew it was a comedy, but it took me a while to understand what kind of comedy it was. Don't get me wrong, it's a good kind of funny, but it's a bit hard to distinguish at first, which may count as a foul. Eitherway, I wouldn't call this "hilarious", but it's a pretty good parody of what american summer camps are, and I guess what american summer camp movies are too.