Where the River Runs Black

Where the River Runs Black

An orphaned boy who was raised in the Amazon jungle is brought back to civilization by a priest who knows his father.

An orphaned boy who was raised in the Amazon jungle is brought back to civilization by a priest who knows his father. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Facebook U (fr) wrote: Act of Valor is a very mixed bag. It does a good job at representing America's heroes, but as a piece of film making it fairs less than stellar. I just want everyone to know that yes, it does get the army right, but that doesn't make up for its bland acting and jumbled plot. It does a good job at inspiring people to join the army, so I kinda view it as a recruitment poster. I really respect the army, but Act of Valor isn't a masterpiece in film making people. I do find it really cool how the film making was done though. The real ammunition was a really cool addition, and just make the shoot outs that much more intense. One thing that kinda of ruins it though is the constant POV shots. Two or three would be fine, but they're scattered throughout the movie. It's really annoying, and they're not even that well done. It just takes away from the realism. I think verterans will like this film, but if you're looking for an inspiring, well made, and acurate war film, I'd say watch Lone Survivor.

Joan T (de) wrote: I have seen other Bio's about Hef, this one is definitely more detailed. There is some skimming and editing. There are some feminists points of view. The overall story is ofcourse interesting; American Icon, breaks barriers, etc. Some parts were a little slow but over all very good.

Danny K (de) wrote: Don't think I have looked forward to watching a film so much before. A film with unforgettable imagery, and stays faithful to the shots, music and colours used in 70s Italian Giallo horrors. Hardly any dialogue or plot however - a truly unique film!

Jon A (au) wrote: A harrowing and wrencing movie about the Rape of Nanking. In 1937, Japanese forces captured the Chinese city of Nanking and began a series of atrocities that left thousands of women raped and an estimated 200,000 or more civilians dead. Shot in black and white in the style of a docudrama, the film tells the story from the perspectves of boh the Japanese troops and the trapped, mercilessly abused Chinese. Very well done and worth seeing as a testament to both the best and the worse we can do.

Kyler C (de) wrote: For starters, this isn't even a movie about a werewolf. The monster is a something that looks like it was put together by extraterrestrial surgeons, that far from being scary, looks laughable.

Mike V (ru) wrote: A superb romantic drama featuring solid performances, especially from Ledger, and excellent direction from Lee. The complexity of the relationships between various characters, including both physical and emotional, is one of the movie's strengths. Also featuring some beautiful and fitting music, this is my favourite film of 2005. AAN 1001

Derek J (kr) wrote: Wacky 80s monster comedy that is pretty bland in the end

Dr F P (br) wrote: Not as good as the first film but I just adore these two on screen. Albin is an over dramatic flower, god do I love him, he's my freaking spirit animal.

Chris H (au) wrote: starts off like one of those wordless eric sykes comedies, but then throws in a touch of incest and a smattering of cannibalism. seriously apocalyptic slapstick.

Ken S (ca) wrote: Anthony Quinn plays an eskimo and for some reason they decided to dub Peter O'Toole

Mark J (nl) wrote: not on dvd, only VHS but netflix has it!

Bart G (br) wrote: First watched in 2006. I thought that is was well done. But sad. Also.....first Emile Hirsch film watched!!!

mark W (nl) wrote: poor,very poor.plan b needs acting lessons.

Sylvester K (ag) wrote: My biggest concern with The Town is the glorification of robbery. Affleck's performance made me want to puke, the direction was a mess and the story was not engaging at all, I had to watch this in two parts. An overrated garbage really.

Jacob G (ca) wrote: There is an incredible movie here. Unfortunately, as a 3 hour long movie there is too much boring movie here, too. Interesting characters and a well-handled depiction of auto racing aren't enough to keep up the steam for nearly three hours. Still, about two hours of the movie are pretty incredible, and those are spaced out such that it isn't as though the movie has one long section of tripe. Just wish the director had been a bit more judicious in what got left on the cutting room floor.

Silvia F (gb) wrote: Blue Sky's Rio may be cliche-infested but it saves itself with dazzling animation and fantastic music numbers.