Where the Rivers Flow North

Where the Rivers Flow North

Sleeper with a top notch cast in the story of a lone wolf logger who fights developers, bankers and the modern world to maintain his way of life.

In 1927, in Kingdom County, Vermont, a large dam is to be built; however, Noel Lord, a logger and cedar-oil harvester, won't give up his lifetime lease on land that will be flooded. The dam... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Wayne (es) wrote: Definitely my kind of movie! One of those typical apocolyptic thrillers that really creates huge suspense, and then bang, Behemoth! Trailer gives a lot away though so don't watch that first!

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Gerhard M (br) wrote: Gripping and inspiring! One of the best I have seen...

ZeldaGiygasLord 6 (jp) wrote: First of all, this movie makes almost no sense. I've seen it twice and I still have no idea what happened. This movie is more like a hellish, surrealistic nightmare than an actual story. And it that sense, it really works. The acting is terrible and nothing is very clear, but honestly...it's scary. Really, really scary. (Except for this one unintentionally funny part where two jack-o-lantern puppets randomly showed up. No idea what that was about.) The cinematography is beautiful and haunting, and the whole movie is insanely creepy. It's very well-made for having such a low budget. One other complaint - what the heck was up with the opening credits?