Where the Road Meets the Sun

Where the Road Meets the Sun

A drama centered on a man dealing with the aftereffects of being in a coma caused by a car accident.

A drama centered on a man dealing with the aftereffects of being in a coma caused by a car accident. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jim W (es) wrote: Matthew Lillard returns as the voice of Shaggy in this funny and fun straight to dvd movie.

Josef H (ca) wrote: Raw, gritty, real. Great independent film.

kirsty d (ca) wrote: Sorry, but I loved this film. Corporate dystopia is ever so timely. Cuba Gooding is an awesome actor, and, much like Michael Cain, is a working man, and acting is his work - not his vanity.

Yuping L (nl) wrote: yes i admit. i saw it only for isabella leong's sake, and she let me down completely.

Ed Q (ru) wrote: The unbroken tracking shot that opens "Manufactured Landscapes" demonstrates audacious technical prowess and serves as a metaphor for the overwhelming power of industrial production. Unfortunately, similarly mesmerizing moments only occur sporadically throughout the film. The majority of the runtime is devoted to a scattered structure that attempts to combine too many points of view.

Shawn S (it) wrote: M. Night Shyamalan's writing and direction are excellent and Bruce Willis and Samuel L. Jackson are fantastic.

David W (de) wrote: With an incredible soundtrack, performances, and imagery, Run Lola Run will make me you rerun the film again and again

Jeffrey M (fr) wrote: Unfairly maligned and under appreciated, Swtichback is a very good suspense thriller, and an especially fine entry into the serial killer genre. The film is bolstered by a strong ensemble cast, headlined by Danny Glover, Dennis Quaid, and the underrated R. Lee Ermy. The film itself is smartly written (save for some of the last act), and does an excellent job of creating atmosphere and a sustained sense of tension. 4/5 Stars

Leo K (us) wrote: Lots of potential in this era-piece about the early 1900's, yet I was lost most of the way through. The concept is fun, young men starting their own crime-syndicate, and gradually overcoming the ingrained mafiosos of the time, yet... once again, I was lost most of the way through.

Devin G (de) wrote: A worthy sequel to one of the greatest splatter-fests of all time. Advances the characters and gives us more of what we loved from the original. The film especially overdoses on the gore and fun in the final moments. Worth checking out!

Roger O (ag) wrote: Ilsa - She Wolf of the SS, spilt av tidligere Las Vegas-showgirl Dyanne Thorne, er kommandant i en nazi-fangeleir. I verste Dr. Mengele stil gjennomfrer hun en rekke forskjellige sadistiske "vitenskapelige" eksperimenter p kvinnelige fanger for "bevise" at kvinner er bedre rustet enn menn til g i krigen! Samtidig har hun en voldsom appetitt for de mannlige fangene, som hun utnytter sexuelt- for deretter kastrere dem. En dag dukker imidlertid den amerikanske fangen og sexmaskinen Wolfe opp. Kan han - ved utnytte Ilsas svakhet - redde hele leiren mon tro? Selv om dette ikke er en ekte video-nasty (finnes ikke p listen), er den likefult en vaskekte naziploitationfilm - like bisarr og smakls som resten av dem - full av billig mykporno, tortur og drap. Ilsa-karakteren er lselig basert p torturisten Ilse Koch - kjent som The Witch Of Buchenwald, og en annen variant av denne karakteren finner du i filmen The beast in Heat - AKA SS Hell Camp (1977). Canada begynte forvrig sin naziploitation allerede i 1968, med filmen Love Camp 7. Ilsa - She Wolf of the SS trigget tre nye filmer med Ilsa-karakteren: Harem Keeper of the Oil Sheiks (1976), Ilsa, the Tigress of Siberia (1976) og Ilsa, the Wicked Warden (1977). Denne er vel hakket bedre enn dem, uten at det sier s fryktelig mye. Se opp for knttliten birolle av Uschi Digard (dame i gasskammer), en annen yppighet og model som endte opp som Russ Meyer yndling og B-film T & A dronning i en endels rekke av drive-in camp/trash og billige mykporno/poffe-filmer.

Josh L (de) wrote: It's Dolemite!! Classic awesomeness

JaakkoJuhana T (gb) wrote: R.I.P. Elizabeth Taylor. This one must be her silliest & trashiest flick but she was "forced" to do it (and won an Oscar of it). Silly melodrama, silly sexual innuendo and very silly - eh? Everything in fact. She hated and never saw it (or so she said) but from Lassie to Flintstones she was great and worth to watch. I did enjoy watching this piece of trash once again, oh humanity!

David S (jp) wrote: I'd call it entertaining.

Aidan M (de) wrote: Having rented it off of iTunes for $9.99, I can happily expect the film to be of the duo's more critically appreciable films when it dwindles down to looking back on the duo's filmography. Now, yes, the film does have a recycled plot line, but for some reason, it does work. Friedberg and Seltzer take the paty movie route with a Hangover-esque direction, but instead of our band of characters waking up the following day, they cleverly use found footage to record the goings-ons of the night. I will admit, though, that is there is really nothing ground-breaking with their techniques. I can say that the most ground-breaking steps that the found footage genre last took were in Chronicle. All they do is your simplistic, run of the mill photography, and it's nothing notable.The storyline is put on the backs of four women, on a bachelorette outing for one of their friends. Upon arival, they have an unlikely lax schedule set up, but if you have either seen the film or have seen the trailer, this plot thread is obviously thrown to the curb, with good intentions. One of many things that I liked about the film was that it was told in a woman's perspective. In one scene, they are in a private room at an adult's club, and when one of them touches a performer, it has a more tamer outcome. In the film Go, there is a vignette that has a scene like it, but when a performer is touched by a man, a guard comes in threatening to beat him to a pulp. So it's interesting, seeing that dianamic from these guys, which is a complete shot of left field.Now, the acting is tolerable for the hour and a half you're in for, but in a slightest of ways, it does seem to evolve these characters into a seperate situation that helps build their characters, so, that again was refreshing to see.I'm just very happy to see these guys spread their wings and attempt to fly in a complete other direction. While the film isn't perfect, it is something to see. As it goes to show a completely trashy reputation in film can't go to show for all films. I hope these guys stay on the correct path down the line, because with more films like this, they will learn.

Grant T (fr) wrote: A rather good story executed poorly. It wasn't exciting and not nearly scary. Performances were pretty flat and the ending was bad

G Thomas B (ca) wrote: ...and so does this film about a bunch of angst-ridden twenty-somethings.