Where the Yellow Lemon Blooms

Where the Yellow Lemon Blooms


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Where the Yellow Lemon Blooms torrent reviews

Narges M (gb) wrote: Nothing new as you would expect from a feel good movie, but does the job nicely!

Tino R (au) wrote: A gross-out comedy that made me laugh out loud.

George W (gb) wrote: So much better than it gets credit for and I know exactly where it was filmed down the street. It has several big stars that were not big stars back then. It is a good movie compared to the mountain of feces thrown at me by Netflix.

Russ V (de) wrote: Another solid sequel that funny and full of action.

Kevin B (jp) wrote: Wow. I finally get around to seeing this 27 years later. Not what I expected! Freakin' weird, and gross too. The DVD includes a hilarious interview with the director of all three XTRO movies, wherein he trashes the films and Jan Michael Vincent!

Thomas C (fr) wrote: Probably Argento's "brightest" movie in terms of lighting, Tenebre manages to be still creepy and very unique in it's whodunit genre with an unexpected plot twist I haven't seen in any other movie before or since.

Cdric V (nl) wrote: Overlooked horror movie. In the end, it's pretty well done.

Anthony P (nl) wrote: it had a great cast, but I feel the story lacked any relatable quality to the average audience and squandered the chemistry that the young couple displayed in their first meeting early in the picture.