Where There's a Will

Where There's a Will

A Cockney family inherit a ramshackle Devon farm. The rest of the family don't want to leave London but the father insists and off they go, to face the unknown.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:80 minutes
  • Release:1955
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:based on play,  

A Cockney family inherit a ramshackle Devon farm. The rest of the family don't want to leave London but the father insists and off they go, to face the unknown. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Daniel A (us) wrote: Sometimes at the start it seems painfully improvised but by the terrific scene at the restaurant it becomes so very fascinating.

Vasco M (us) wrote: I put this movie off for way too long but just never knew how much I actually wanted this. Serenity was the bittersweet farewell to both the big and small screen depictions of the characters everyone needed, but luckily the crew's stories carry on in other mediums. On its own, Serenity is an awesome sci-fi, action adventure that tugs at the heart strings and delivers constant thrills.

Aarn A (mx) wrote: A touching human film about the sense of life and how short it is, and the true love in every person. Isabel Coixet is one of the best directors of the contemporary cinema.

Lo S (gb) wrote: A truely brilliant story of one Policeman's "cover" taking over and becoming his personality. Like I said, truely brilliant.

Tom P (ag) wrote: According to my friend Adam, an American werewolf in London one of the greatest werewolf films ever. I can safely say that this one is the absolute worst.

Rui M (jp) wrote: Top-notch Nicolas Roeg entry is one of my favourite films of the 1980s. Theresa Russell is perfect as a quasi Marilyn Monroe and Tony Curtis is sweaty and messed-up as a Joseph McCarthy type politician. A must-see for fans of something a little different.

Tim R (es) wrote: As with the play, a grim frenzied descent into madness and the grotesque. It is also a masterpiece.

Nick C (jp) wrote: Visual effects are awesome....

Oscar D (us) wrote: Gritty police drama that never takes off and remains sombre and lackluster

Private U (nl) wrote: Quite possibly the stupidest movie I've ever seen. I would literally rather spend 90 minutes watching paint dry. It was that dreadful.

Federico F (fr) wrote: the personification of Al Pacino in his manner as a criminal consecrates the work written by Oliver Stone building a myth

Nicki M (au) wrote: Didn't expect much, but this was quite a sweet little movie. I have the Australian rental copy which is renamed "Love is in the air" and has a big picture of a smiling Makin Ackerman on the cover, so I was expecting something very light and fluffy. Actually, Jenna Fischer is the main actress and Malin has a smaller role as her younger, but more stable sister. Jenna plays a young woman who has lost her job, then her flat and has to move in with her sister who is hellbent on matchmaking her with an absolute douche author who runs seminars on how to talk to people. Honesty I did not recognize Topher Grace in his wig. I couldn't stand the character, but full points as I think that was the idea! Along the way she meets a similarly lost man who does street art as a mechanical giant and the two connect. The movie is nicely done and a little deeper than I expected. Yes, it gets a little far fetched at the end, but it's sweet. Definitely sat through worse.

Ben H (gb) wrote: typical lads film - Classic and original from the franchise and the first of those lad films that came after it

jason a (it) wrote: Not a huge fan of musicals, but if I had to watch one it would be my pleasure to watch Newsies.