Where to Invade Next

Where to Invade Next

Academy Award-winning director Michael Moore returns with what may be his most provocative and hilarious film yet: Moore tells the Pentagon to "stand down" — he will do the invading for America from now on.

Filmmaker Michael Moore "invade" various countries to examine how Europeans view work, education, health care, sex, equality, and other issues to learn what the USA can learn from those nations. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Phillip R (gb) wrote: best movie I've seen in a long time

Brody M (es) wrote: What did Byron expect with his bad attitude & hanging out with a nutjob?

Heather M (nl) wrote: Caine and Posy were wonderful in this sweetly tragic story.

Spencer S (kr) wrote: There are many comparisons that I can make between this film and its predecessor, "Yentl." It does not have the same urgency as the Barbra Streisand classic, because the film doesn't adequately show the problems of being a woman. You can argue that Mia Wasikowska's character contrasts Albert, showing the role that Albert would have had to take in society if not for her cross-dressing, but her fate isn't shown until the very end of the film. In between we just get to know Albert, who seems more predatory and awkward than persecuted. Albert, as a character, is very interesting, but it takes a rather long time for us to find out why she is driven to do what she does, and who she is. In "Yentl" we know the stakes from the very beginning: that she cannot cope with the problems enforced against women, and so she rebels by cross-dressing. Nobbs' identity as a woman is witheld from the start of the film, which was interesting in concept, but it is not something that remains a large surprise for the audience, even if they're unaware of the pretext before viewing. Albert acts strange, hoards her money, talks to no one, and keeps pristine and pleasant in all situations. Instead of feeling that this is her moral code (to stay in character and one that has served her well) she has now identified as a gentleman. This is broken up in several instances, especially when we're introduced to her contemporary, Hubert (McTeer). That was a nice change of pace, and including that Hubert and her wife were very much in love makes the film feel more special in that regard. Still, there's very little that distinguishes this film from pure melodrama.

Gary C (it) wrote: not a particularly well done doc but definitely worth watching for the interviews.

Linda F (ru) wrote: another one of those types of movies that gets a 41% rating from critics & a 72% rating from actual viewers.And I don't know if its from insomnia or the pain meds, but at 5 in the morning today, i enjoyed this movie.

Samantha P (es) wrote: Gritty portrail of a gay man's journey through sexuality, family, love and loss and disease.

F Clark W (ru) wrote: This is a terrific coming of age drama.

Xain R (fr) wrote: A true work of art which can mesmerise anyone. Every frame of Hero is designed and presented so beautifully that one watching it forgets to blink the eye. Magnificent and giant artwork is enough to keep you with the movie and increase your interest in Chinese history. Lavish yet clean living style of the people and the costumes, not to mention the colours and the way the events are narrated. However, movie is more about the complex love story between two assassins then another one with extreme speed. Essential Chinese arts of Qin, Wiq ,Caligraphy and Painting are amazingly blended with the themes while first 3 are expressive shown, Painting is rather subjective to the audience perception of colour work through out the movie. Characters are presented enigmatically, from passionate to the quite ones. Very strong movie with brave artwork and performances.

Pamela D (us) wrote: An odd and disturbing, surreal Aussiie film which incorporates several creepy themes into its plot. Very high production values. Fans of the film Powder should enjoy the sinister and quirky storyline.

Jesper J (us) wrote: Not so realistic. All in the Aircraft dies except for the two main characters. But Patsy Kensit always steal the show :-)

Lucas M (us) wrote: Kinda weak, but still a nice entertaining picture.

Juuso R (ca) wrote: Ihan koskettava omalla tavallaan, mutta ei oikein svyttnyt itseni. En ehk pid muutenkaan niin tmn kategorian elokuvista.

Martin G (mx) wrote: Un tres bon mlange de comdie/science-fiction et d'action dans se film britannique. Intelligent , bien cris et bien raliser.

William F (ca) wrote: A film that surprisingly takes many risks and manages to still be an awesome ride. While the characters are somewhat hit-and-miss, the focus does stay on the protagonist, who truly is the best character of this bunch. The story isn't anything special either, but the way it's presented through its setting makes it more enjoyable and surprisingly even more dramatic (its surprising darker intense moments really are appreciated). The animation is superb and the music is catchy as always. While not one of Disney's best, this is still a pretty darn good film.

Jesse O (ru) wrote: I can't believe I've never actually reviewed this movie on this site. For the longest time I thought I had. I don't expect this to be a long review, since it is a film I've seen twice, the second time was on Saturday. And, for some reason, I got a real itch to watch this movie again, just to see if it held up as well as I remembered it when I went to see it in the theaters all those years ago. And, surprise surprise, the movie held up quite well considering. Then again, while ten years is a really long time, it's also not really that long. I think the real test will be if this movie holds up in 2026, when it celebrates its 20th anniversary. This really is just several notches below the first Anchorman, not by much, but it is some notches below. With that said, outside of some moments where it slows down, after Ricky Bobby is kicked out NASCAR, this movie is really fucking entertaining. Perhaps the one thing that surprised me the most, upon second viewing, is the fact that the film is actually consistently entertaining. And I say this because movies as heavy on sight gags and slapstick (with some really clever improv'd lines in there) usually are a bit of a mixed bag and they may have a great amount of hilarious moments, but there's also as many scenes that aren't as funny. That's just the nature of the beast. But I think this film does a great job at finding a way to keep you entertained or laughing throughout its running length. Maybe the film is too long for its own good, but the film has an excellent cast that they do make these flaws not as insufferable as it would be in other films. That's to be expected when you have a talented supporting cast that includes John C. Reilly, Sacha Baron Cohen, Jane Lynch, Gary Cole, Amy Adams, among many others. There are so many bits in the film that I really can't even begin to go over them without leaving out many others. One of my favorite ones, dating back to when I first saw the film, definitely had to be the car wreck that kept going through the commercial break. Really, this movie is full of memorable moments. Like I said, just far too many to go through right now. That's about it really, I realize this was a shitty review, then again, I don't think I've ever written a good one, but this was a really fun movie that you should see if you haven't yet. It's on Netflix, so there you go. Highly recommended.