While the Clocks Are Ticking

While the Clocks Are Ticking

Schoolgirl Masha gets into the fabulous city cheerful workers, which with the help of servants and cap of invisibility inhibits the evil Korol Kropodin I. Before the townspeople finally get rid of oppressors, Masha is a party to the exciting events and adventures.

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Liesl E (ca) wrote: A good biopic. Chadwick Boseman does a fine job as James Brown and gives an excellent performance. The movie plays it too safe with the content, though, choosing to gloss over Brown's troubles and focus more on the music.

John M (jp) wrote: The WORST movie ever, almost put me to sleep. They ruined the original by making this slop.

Luis O (ag) wrote: Boy, this certainly caught me by surprise, never expected this coming out, excuse the pun, of The Legendary Mexican Cinema. I will not spoil the surprises (and there are plenty), a must watch for the dedicated Cinema buff.

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Margaux W (us) wrote: Almost voyeuristic in its presentation of a seemingly usual twist..

CeeCee D (es) wrote: wish i got to see it again

Scott A (de) wrote: Great Documentary everyone should watch...

Donnetta J (fr) wrote: It's better if you watch it in French like it's supposed to be...

Jay B (us) wrote: Still love it after all these years... way underrated if you ask this guy. To me... just as hip and refreshing as it was when I was 11.

Eric H (us) wrote: I'm not trying to be a party-pooper for all you Alicia fans , but this movie was utter rubbish! The plot is so thin that if it got any thinner it would cease to exist. Also , im sorry to say this but where were the acting skills? No disrespect to the cast as , unquestionably they are all good at what they do , but the response from the cast to this film seemed to be non-existent! To summarise , a great idea for a movie but the end result is appalling. Oh and by the way , is it just me or am i the only person who could'nt understand a word of what Benicio Del Toro was saying throughout the entire film?

Steven J (nl) wrote: An interesting look into the life of a drug dealer, Pusher takes a typical story and makes it unique, thanks to it's documentary feel and strong performances. It's not the best movie ever, but it's a notable gangster film and a well made movie.

Ike C (us) wrote: Great documentary over the civil rights movements from back in the day. In addition to revealing the early ways of our "biased" media.

Paul Z (de) wrote: A vastly comprehensive staging of a real-life case that begins with a brilliant opening title tracking shot, this non-fiction novel of a film fuels its two hours with mortality and guilt complexes, and the exploitation of the judicial system to spoil fair dealing. Set in 1963, this is a potent, disturbing story but it's also a messy one, colonized by peripheral figures and various plot strands. The criminals' back stories are every bit as drawn-out and fascinating as those of the policemen they kidnapped. Even the courtroom drama is uncommonly full of twists and turns, indeed introducing a new legal team with each new trial. The film is by and large brisk and periodically thrilling, but it's also thick with incidents that are just hastily elucidated, sans the key storyline that might have offered a lucid point of view. Not even Savage surfaces as hub for our concern, though the film's structure seems to imply that he's intended to be. Regardless, John Savage's everyman LAPD plainclothesman is intensely, horrifically felt. His self-reproach about the incident brings about nightmares, impotence, sudden reduction in his body mass, shrinking by a full inch, kleptomania and a penchant toward suicide. When the film begins to speed headlong into its convoluted proceedings, the performances take on a strong naturalism that negates how things start out. For the first 45 minutes, each actor seems somewhat creatively stifled. Despite the presence of a given performer, they all give deliveries that feel like the screws were tightened in the read-through stages. Surprisingly, Ted Danson, in his feature film debut, seems the most natural. Still, perhaps because the hues of lockstep theatricality by the cast during the exposition are so bright, I, knowing hardly anything about the plot coming in, could predict who would be murdered. Maybe that's not a flaw on the part of the film, but I'd like a film with a vision that allows me to be sure of where I stand in terms of what its story reveals. Nevertheless, Seales and particularly James Woods, who is always interesting anyway, grow less overstated and more chillingly credible. Woods has some excellent exchanges with Ronny Cox, who gives another of his exceptional performances as the detective in command of interrogating the two. Woods as the sociopathic Powell, charismatic, controlling, and mainly the driver packing heat, creates a flakiness in the character that gives off the threat of a bright spark near a swimming pool.

The M (kr) wrote: "-Now you know you got to go."

Stacy M (mx) wrote: I ended up watching this film in a Sociology course as part of the discussion between nature and nurture. Personally, I was bored during most of the film. It did have some interesting moments, but after learning about many part of the boy's story in which Truffaut changed, I think the film might have been better keeping the original details.