While You're Asleep

While You're Asleep


  • Category:Short
  • Stars:
  • Uploader:FangFap
  • Country:Poland
  • Director:Andrzej Wajda
  • Writer:Tadeusz Kubiak (poems), Jerzy Lipman, Konrad Nalecki, Andrzej Wajda

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While You're Asleep torrent reviews

Marcus W (br) wrote: A low budget is no excuse for such low quality. Not even Herzog can save it.

Darrin C (de) wrote: More or less the same movie as before only cheaper. Watch this one only if you were a true fan of the first Wolf Creek.

Sajin P (ag) wrote: For movies like this flixster should introduce a system with negative ratings.

Rihan P (br) wrote: Yet Another ABCD (American Born Confused Desi) Flick. Funny How Movies Of This Genre Share The Same Actors/Actresses. All We Need Is Kal Penn Now. Does Have A Lot Of Laugh Out Loud Moments & Nina Is Hot ;) A Lot Of Relatable Characters & I'm Pretty Sure I Heard 'Mundian To Bach Ke' In This!

holy c (fr) wrote: hypnotically visual; symbolically magnificent

Joel H (it) wrote: The Lone Rangers haha

Timothy A (de) wrote: Atmospheric but frankly dull, though that may well be the point of the French new wave. Great as a projected background for appropriately themed pub nights.

Matt M (de) wrote: A film about a man who trains with other men in the art of ninjitsu, then visits an old war friend, a man who owns land and employs several men, then must battle an evil businessman and his men, in the process killing several men, until his climactic showdown with his rival ninja (also a man). Men.

MF J (br) wrote: Continuing his exploration of the African culture and it's relationship with the French colonial empire, Sembene goes deeper into his criticism of his society and the people around him. This film once again show a very African view of some situations and the specific way people deal with daily adversity in a country that hasn't yet fully found it's way out of the colonialist way of thinking. I really liked the film although some elements were unclear to me, probably due to my lack of African culture knowledge, but it's a good film and a piece of social cinema that demonstrate a certain way of life at a certain time in a certain place. Interesting from start to finish.

Brian K (ca) wrote: A charming romantic comedy that shows its age yet remains spry.

Michael T (kr) wrote: Mae West's first starring role (she sings "Easy Rider," "Frankie & Johnny," and "I Like a Guy What Takes His Time"); highly controversial in 1933, still entertaining today.

Bojan P (ru) wrote: Interesen, ama mozelo da e i podobar