A hot, young and charming man with ulterior motives enters the lives of a tight-knit group of gay men in New York City and at first adds excitement and intrigue to their group, but events soon spiral out of control as he deliberately attempts to destroy their relationships.

After being dumped, Drake takes out his pain on a tight group of gay friends through temptation and deceit, will he succeed in destroying their lives? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Whirlwind torrent reviews

Allan C (de) wrote: This is what "New Girl" would look like if it had zombies. I loved the lead actress, even if the film was more comedy than horror.

Jayne W (it) wrote: One of the best movies I've ever seen. It kept me on the edge of my seat the entire time and I LOVED the ending!!

Albert M (br) wrote: Quite underwhelming, not a very well-defined atmosphere, but strong in its lore. Good performances all around, sfx are dull although that's understandable considering the film's budget; okay watch, if a bit boring.

Toby C (ag) wrote: An incredible film with everything you could ask from it. The plot, characters and emotion are all stellar. It's not generic or forced in anyway. Highly recommended!

Darrin C (us) wrote: I'm usually a Statham fan, but I got bored of this kind of fast. The beginning looked promising, but it disappointed me with its predictability.

Tasha T (ag) wrote: Gerard Depardieu's son? I am a big fan of the Depardieus and would be happy if either was my boyfriend. The movie one of those like, Possession, that by the time you finish the movie you feel like you are half crazy.

Juli N (it) wrote: The characters were so dull and lifeless to begin with it really wasn't much of a jump to act like an emotionless alien!

Tasha S (nl) wrote: I love this movie it always been one of my favs.

Jamie C (ru) wrote: A very dark film that gets boring fast and never recovers, Never been a fan of Tim Burton as his films are all dark and weird and only appeal to a certain type of person.

Scott A (us) wrote: Pretty good film about a group of people that can play around with death, but end up bringing their pasts back into the present full force. The problem is that Platt isn't included in that part, and besides Sutherland's awful past, the others seem lame in comparison. I wish they all would've had to deal with equally bad pasts, cause it seems unfair that everyone else is really minor in the film.That said, the cast is quite good, and that little kid haunting Kiefer is pretty scary at times.

Brody M (it) wrote: An Ok movie that had some funny moments & some also not so funny.I mainly watched it because I thought Cheech & Chong were in it more then they were but they were only in the 1st scenes & then again towards the end.What a jip!

Mike S (br) wrote: Classic. Anthony Quinn's performance exemplifies the Greek spirit. There were some uncomfortable scenes. Good movie for the most part. Lila Kedrova was outstanding.

Jason M (ca) wrote: Simple, straightforward, yet effective film based on a true character. I am certain much of it portrays a similar story and hits home to thousands of service people in America. This is the story of a loyal and dedicated Navy SEAL, who becomes a legendary sniper. Unfortunately, the film's conclusion is abrupt and does not build to cement the protagonist to the tragic hero or level of hubris that it could have. Thus, this film could have been a lot more, potentially an epic military film, but instead is a solid, fine and entertaining film.

Collin P (jp) wrote: A very intense thriller featuring fantastic performances and a pretty accurate fact based tale.