After a run in with a hot exotic dancer one wintry night straight-laced prep school student James will find himself on the ride of his life. Risking his future he follows this mysterious woman to New York City - ditching school dodging cops and partying at hot nightclubs along the way.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:99 minutes
  • Release:2006
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:dance,   dancer,   snow,  

A studious student finds adventure when he follows a mysterious woman to New York. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Whirlygirl torrent reviews

Dimitrisfl D (kr) wrote: A rather good cast and unusual and sometimes clumsy directing techniques, this awfully edited, poorly scripted film is worth watching just for fun. It can't be taken seriously.

Ian E (de) wrote: Stay at home. Dont bother going.

Jonathan I (br) wrote: The Muvie Success Was only For the Name RAJINI... Els d muvie's story is like a normal vijay's Film.....

Greg B (es) wrote: One of Spike Lee's few bad films it is a muddled mess but its interesting to watch because only a filmmaker of Lee's level could make such a mess.

Pavandeep S (us) wrote: A really amzing film, it should be seen be seen by all film lovers. The movie is like a documentary and all, with music and culture and traditions and war and romance and emotions, it's just brilliant. a work of art.

O S (it) wrote: good tension buildup, OST, excellent Selma in her suicidal-cynical-goth character and a nice, if plain, storyline --only drawback are lots of confusing, old-fashioned videoclip-like cuts

Michelle P (mx) wrote: I don't like the show but this movie making fun of it is pretty cool.

Anne F (es) wrote: Lovely Ealing Comedy based on a true story. (The title of this film previously appeared as 'Whiskey Galore' rather than 'Whisky Galore' - I asked Flixter to correct this error, which they have now done, it is well worth reporting such errors to them.)

Chris G (ag) wrote: Original, imaginatively shot and managing to stylistically join the 2010s to the 1970s as if the decades existed on top of each other (as they kind of do in London) but ultimately trying to be too clever for its own good and only mildly funny.

Sarah H (it) wrote: The first 5-10 min. is the best opening to any comedy ever.

Tyler (br) wrote: Every once in a while there comes along a flick which gives you a good ol' sheer surprise. You are left exclaiming - "Are there any more of such movies?", "Why don't they make more of such films?" The humble demeanour (and low budget) of such films disguises their ingenuity. Well, "He Never Died" is one of those films. An unexpected movie that is dark in nature, funny throughout and leaves you feeling satiated when over. The kind of satiety derived from a piece of good cinema.'He Never Died' approaches a subject which is favourite staple of horror genre with a brilliant ingenuity. And a twist. Such ingenuity, to my memory, was visible recently only in 'What We Do In Shadows (2015)'. Humour here treats the audience as adults - grown-up sapiens capable of using grey matter. Humour is not let down till the last scene and the script is tightly knit till the end. Script deliciously alloys crime, revenge, supernatural and dry, dark comedy into a bizarre story. The dark bloody humour is quirkily deadpan and phenomenally subtle. Usually the films of low budgets drop the guard in second half and veer into banality. Not this film. I truly relished the raucousness of the film sprinkled with giddy gore till the end, and beyond. The effort from scriptwriters and director deserves standing ovation. To me the actors were unknown. They deserve praise too- especially Henry Rollins in the lead and Kate Greenhouse in the support. Performances don't come more deadpan in this original.Writing anything about the story will inadvertently ruin the suspense which is the crux of the film. The film never fully answers anything, it gives you what you need to know and leaves the rest to suspense. For me it was brilliant. Unfortunately, you get only one or two of such films every year. Hidden gems. I really hope they make more of such movies.

Boogie B (nl) wrote: A movie with heart, action, laughter, and Arnold Schwarzenegger yelling at children. What more can you ask for? However, this is coming from an Arnold fan.