Whiskey Business

Whiskey Business

After Nicky, the son of a New Jersey mob boss, is framed for a murder he didn't commit, he goes on the run and ends up in a small town in Tennessee where he's taken in by Trina. At first, Nicky is as suspicious of their moonshine as they are of his fake tan, but he soon bonds with the residents to take down Gilley, the town's corrupt sheriff. Written by Jake Seaborn

After Nicky, the son of a New Jersey mob boss, is framed for a murder he didn't commit, he goes on the run and ends up in a small town in Tennessee where he's taken in by Trina. At first, ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Priscilla L (de) wrote: "What is science? Science is a way to teach how something gets to be known, in as much as anything can be known, because nothing is known absolutely. It's how to handle doubt and 'uncertainty' " - Richard Feynman

Mitch M (us) wrote: A family decides to spend the Easter holidays at their summer home. Cristian (Cristian Valencia) and July (Clara Moraleda) are brother and sister, but they don?t always get along. Although, they do share one common bond: both of them LOVE to investigate paranormal occurrences. They decide to film all of the activity on their vacation, and both of them are obsessed with ghost stories and paranormal activity. They take a chance on investigating a local urban legend, but their search for the truth becomes more and more dangerous, as time goes on, and the terrifying secret could cost them their lives.Well, this was a found-footage film, so I had to force myself into a positive mindset for this one. Still, my attempt to have an open mind for this film didn?t work. This film did have a nice little mystery, and the plot did feel intriguing at first. But Atrocious moves at this sluggish pace, and the unbelievably slow pacing for this film drove me nuts. NOTHING happens in this film for a long time, and the slow build to the conclusion can feel so tedious. Sure, they do show some signs of a violent and vengeful ghost. They show the brutal aftermath of the murdered family dog, and a broken glass could?ve been caused by a mysterious force.They do throw some clues at you every now and then, but for the most part, Atrocious can be a very boring and dull film. Although, I will give this film some credit for the final moments. The final moments of this film can feel genuinely terrifying, the spook moments fly at you non stop, the surprise twist did feel shocking, and the tension is just great. Atrocious managed to pack a powerful punch at the end, and the ending did provide a nice jaw-dropping cliffhanger, but the satisfying late finish couldn?t save this film. The scares were great, but the horrifying moments at the end did have this strong ?too little, too late? feeling. The final moments of this film did keep me on the edge of my seat, and I was glued to the screen, because I really wanted to see what would happen next. Still, Atrocious came up short for me, because the suspenseful final moments couldn?t make up for the over fifty minutes of painful boredom I had to sit through.The acting in this film is decent enough, and July?s constant screaming didn?t annoy me too much. I really wanted to like this film, but Atrocious is just too damn boring most of the time. The production values actually looked pretty solid here (this shocked me, because when it comes to staying true to the ?realism? factor, most found-footage films take everything too far), and the story did feel mysterious, but I can?t ignore the boredom here. I just can?t.Oh, and if you?re wondering, Hollywood is planning a remake for Atrocious. That?s right. An American version (Atrocious 2011 was a Spanish language film) of this film will be made in the near future, and Hollywood will continue to ride the found-footage train even longer. Yeah, ANOTHER horror remake. I just couldn?t contain the levels of shock, when I first read this piece of news.

Cal M (gb) wrote: basicly the same as saw lol

Gina W (ru) wrote: This movie was a little slow at times, but Tilda Swinton did a good job. It was rated B.

Nina R (ca) wrote: I enjoyed this movie because of the dialogues. The majority of them is simply awesome. Too bad for many other things which somehow ruined the movie.

Manda C (us) wrote: I loved it and still do!!!

Roberto B (fr) wrote: Its a romantic comedy that you've seen a million times yet its not the one that will completely tear your eyes open out of desperation. Its a good story that has a great doubt factor withing it. ITs a tsorty abotu Jack singer and firlfriend Betsy who proposes to Jack but after having promised his mother that he wont marry he is set on a tough and momentous decision. Will they get married What will happen? its a good one timer movie though and oddly enough you iwllr emember it for some time, it a good strange way.

Lisa S (de) wrote: This is a mediocre sci-fi thriller with a predictable easy ending, but it has its good scenes too. I wasn't sure what to write about it other than that. Overall, an okay movie, but could've been better.

Simon M (es) wrote: A Powerful drama excellent acting lovely story, its dark but funny in places. Might not be to everybody's tastes but it is mine.

Nik B (kr) wrote: Judging against the overwhelming positive response to this movie, I am surprised and confused. Gene Tierny plays a woman who falls in love with an author. As they get married we see a little bit of manipulative behavior turn into outright selfishness and later to psycopathic craziness. Gene is mostly one note throughout this performace. Her manic behavior no more driven than her more pleasant scenes. As the male lead, Cornel Wilde is aloof and clumsy. Vincent Price puts in a quick and good performance, even if his courtroom scene is written overdramatically and less than believable.At 111 minutes, the film is about 30 minutes too long. So many scenes are drawn out with inexplicable non-action like setting the table and walking slowly from one place to the other. The saving grace for this movie is reflected in it's Oscar win, Cinematography. The on location shoots in Technicolor are pretty awesome. Also impressive and fun to watch from a historical perspective is the wardrobe. A great representation of the times.I'm sure the movie is getting some of its praise from the awful acts of the lead. They are great ideas for drumming up controversy. But I do not see the value in the way these ideas were written or performed.

Stephanie D (ca) wrote: Always enjoy watching Fred dance... even if the story is kind of boring.