Whisky Romeo Zulu

Whisky Romeo Zulu

The film tells the story prior to the accident LAPA Boeing 737 on 31 August 1999 after hitting an embankment in central Buenos Aires, killing 67 people. Directed and performed by a former ...

Whisky Romeo Zulu tells the story prior to the crash of LAPA Boeing 737 that on August 31, 1999, caught fire after hitting an embankment in the center of Buenos Aires, killing 67 people. The disaster changed the history of civil and commercial aviation in Argentina, and the film recounts, from the standpoint of the director, a former airline pilot-how in some countries the safety of the flight is incredibly precarious. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tonya V (br) wrote: I really enjoyed the simplicity of this film. Makes me want to take a road trip and meet all those quirky people that touch your life in some way.

William B (fr) wrote: Here's a great idea, make the lead character such a bitch that I don't even care if she dies. What a terrible movie, kinda like a riff on Evil Dead a little. The only good part was that the characters were older compared to other cabin in the woods type flicks, of course they still acted like a bunch of teenagers so it really ended up being the same.

Tony M (au) wrote: It was ok. Kind of stupid at times, yet somehow entertaining. I've definitely seen worse films. Won't be entering my film library.

Mark S (ru) wrote: They have a budget for cool glasses, but they don't spend the time to say things without saying them. Horribly cheesy! I think someone's imagination ran wild on this one in the wrong direction. Tony Amendola was pretty good.

Ynni F (br) wrote: No hay ficcin mas grande que la realidad y esta pelcula cumple con esta premisa.

James H (kr) wrote: Interesting story, Elijah Wood and especially Janeane Garafalo are excellent. Nicely developed story, good score. It's moving and involving. Very touching, a fine film.

Ibraheem M (mx) wrote: Pink blood, plastic body parts, and naked women tortured, this is a cheap and sick slasher film (but not the sickest one) that I advise everyone to stay away from.

Arash B (au) wrote: Fassbinder's (self-?)parody gets a bit monotonous after a while & feels forced & too obvious at times but overall the whole thing works somehow, Fassbinder & Castel are fun to watch

Zechariah B (gb) wrote: thought it was a GOOD movie

Gregory W (br) wrote: good stuff great story and cast

Mary M (es) wrote: Not very suspenseful at all

ChillinDylan G (it) wrote: When you are high, this is a really funny movie. When you are sober it's not very good.Grade = 5/10