Whisper Island

Whisper Island

In pursuit of lost Civil War gold to save their fading ranch, two kids help an old woman solve the mystery of her past.

In pursuit of lost Civil War gold to save their fading ranch, two kids help an old woman solve the mystery of her past. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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M C (kr) wrote: Dumb, but will entertain the young ones. 43/100

Glenn C (it) wrote: The two guys who directed The Blair Witch Project have done very little since. For such a seminal and influential film its disappointing that they haven't gone onto more prominence. One of them went on to create the Raw Feed horror production company (decent quality low budget direct to dvd movies) and the other went on to direct Altered. Its a small movie but its a good one. It takes the old alie...n abduction story and turns it into an original and effective little horror movie. A group of friends have spent the last 15 years hunting aliens in the woods after they were abducted and their friend was killed. They capture one and hold it captive in their garage. The whole movie takes place in the one place as the alien controls minds and spreads infection while the men argue and assume the upper hand. It surprised me and I found it to be a pretty clever flick. I reckon it would make for a really cool stage show. It's slightly quirky and the make-up fx are excellent (gross too). If you see it around, check it out. It might surprise you... the finale is conceptually very cool but isn't executed all that well... all the same, a nice little spin on alien abduction.

Patrick T (kr) wrote: if you can't get off on this, you're straight. join the homosexual intifada!

Iac V (mx) wrote: One of the great sci-fi films, especially of the 1980s.

Shin F (au) wrote: Not sure why I thought this movie was so funny as a kid.

Francis M (gb) wrote: A spoof of the old double bill shows with some dialogue of the old style, twisted into humouros lines. One of the best spoof films.High note -Ac - George C. Scott.

Joby D (ru) wrote: I'm pretty sure I saw all the Dr. Phibes movies when I was a wee lad, but would like to again.

Jesse B (ag) wrote: Sand and water; man and woman; sexual desire and loathing. I don't believe I've ever seen a film made available to the senses quite like Hiroshi Teshigahara's Woman in the Dunes. One might say this is a film of whose roots are buried deep within the soil of contradiction.

Mong F (it) wrote: A real sine qua non of matinee movies. I swear the bad guy actually rubs his hands with glee at one point.notable for the line "We will hunt them down like dogs". Fantastic.