Whisper with the Wind

Whisper with the Wind

An elderly radio-operator travels across Kurdestan in the war-torn 80s assuring communication between lost families.

An elderly radio-operator travels across Kurdestan in the war-torn 80s assuring communication between lost families. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mat S (jp) wrote: Starts off on a hight note then a sad one, then I forgot what this movie was trying to accomplish. This movie has allot of my favorite actors in place yet I found it to be all over the board. It's about a family who's son has committed suicide and are trying to cope with his departure in all the wrong ways. The mom starts smoking pot, the brother starts smoking pot, the dad goes crazy or just starts acting weird. The movie then has a few funny moments then takes one of the biggest left turns ever as three of our Imaginary Heroes are submitted to a psyche Ward and Tim (Hirsch) finds his classmate whom commits suicide later in the film and we have Tim later beaten down by a group of bullies and then, yeah the comedy aspect is completely thrown out the window at this point and it gets kinda hard to watch, let alone finish at this point. Now this review is coming from the guy whom have Little Miss Sunshine some light in a review and I do have a reason; that is, Sunshine was categorized as a dark comedy like this one but it never really got that deep into the mind set of dark and creepy like 'Imaginary Heroes'. 'Little Miss Sunshine' would get strange and dark at times but it still kept a fair rhythm when

Zed L (jp) wrote: Beautifully done but too slow.

Sylvester K (fr) wrote: The acting is laughable and the gore was inadequate, Christmas Evil is a little cult film that is somewhat funny but also touching(?).

Jayakrishnan R (nl) wrote: 88%Watched this on 25/10/15Well acted, affectionate and moreover innocent when compared to most of the shitty romantic films you get these days, this one surely deserves the cult rating. Considering the time of it's release, the film makes good use of the concept of time travel onto a romantic movie without resorting to the over excess of CGI. This film is a good romantic movie and one should not watch it expecting some sci-fi entertainer. Christopher Reeve gives a performance full of charm and innocence and lead actress Jane Seymour also does good. Christopher Plummer should be given special mention as he gave the best performance in the movie and credit must also be given to the fact that his character was not made into a stereotype villain and effectively avoiding a cliched love triangle. The music and the cinematography are all good.

Guy H (ag) wrote: Incredibly beautiful and deeply philosophical, Days Of Heaven is a testament to Terrence Malick talents as a creative and morally conscious director.

Brian B (us) wrote: Igot so much stick for recomending this film, but it's one of the best of it's type honestly

Jess O (fr) wrote: I wasn't impressed at all. Not my type of movie.

Carlos I (gb) wrote: Fantastic remake. A little bloated, but it's epic in scale, which is a fitting homage to such a classic. Is played equally tragic, which is also suitable.

Nicholas L (nl) wrote: Saving Private Ryan is an immersive experience using eye level camera shots, wide cinematography, grainy filters, and reflective screenplay to suck you into the emotional drama of the soldiers of World War II and the third act is a beautiful example of good writing and production design.