Whispering City

Whispering City

A reporter hears that a famous actress is dying in a hospital after being hit by a car. She goes to the hospital to interview the actress, who tells the reporter that her wealthy fiance, who was killed in an accident several years before, was actually murdered. Before long the reporter finds herself in a web of corruption, mental illness and murder.

When a nagging wife commits suicide, her husband is threatened with a murder frame by his lawyer, unless he kills a certain female reporter for him. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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bill s (de) wrote: Jude Law seems to be having a blast,not so much the viewer.

Linda K (de) wrote: Worth every minute of your time!

li b (de) wrote: Paradoxically, I thought the last scene was the most interesting, but it kind of went on too long and had an anticlimactic ending. I get the feeling that this entire film grew out of a late night conversation not dissimilar to the one in the film's party scene. But stretching it into a full-length feature? Meh.

Naoko A (mx) wrote: It became boring when it got to the serious part, but almost enjoyable and I like Abe's acting :)

Amy S (mx) wrote: Aw, it sounds kind of cute.

Jason J (nl) wrote: Passable HK actioner about an organisation using the dreaded Y2K bug to create mayhem. It's up to one man to save the day. Good action sequences but nothing special.

Matt G (ru) wrote: Tim Burton once again spooks our brains with a delightful and tense tail of a young Hugh Grant like chap who accidentlys marrys someone from the dead. Very creative and spook-filled, i think the word Burtonesk comes to mind, spooky and up and down like a rollercoaster, very enjoyable and a bit heart-pumping. Tim Burton regulars Johnny Depp and Helana- Bonham Carter brings calmness to this abrstact peice of artwork. I love the shapes of the the characters, they very much bring out their personalitys and it gave the film more of a horror fill. Very mystic and enjoyable and a nice family classic.

Aj V (jp) wrote: A boring kids movie with another talking animal. At least the cast has some good actors, though.

Jim H (ag) wrote: Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan in a movie together? A must-see? Until you actually go see it. Then you realize they are mortal. Not nearly as mortal as the movie?

Fabio V (nl) wrote: Overall funny movie to lay back and watch if you're in for a laugh.

Scott R (mx) wrote: A funny and cute musical.

Jamie C (mx) wrote: Loved it, It's got everything for a man in this film and it doesn't take it self to serious which is always good, Some good gory action scenes, Worth a watch.

Jeff J (gb) wrote: So-so film. Nothing really spectacular, a bit predictable. Watched it just for Elizabeth Olsen.

Dave S (kr) wrote: El Rtito saca lo mejor de Hopkings, sin embargo carece de fluidz y narra muy lento.

Grant H (jp) wrote: Bad movie. Unfunny, incredibly unoriginal, easily predictable, and poor performances from its cast. It's a good thing this was long before Captain America 2, because otherwise, the Russo Brothers would've been the wrong pick.

Ken S (de) wrote: This star-studded effort is a fine drama film from the Golden Age of Hollywood, featuring several characters with different stories that intersect, as everyone is staying at the same place, The Grand Hotel. It features great performances from Greta Garbo (who delivers her most famous line), Joan Crawford, and both John and Lionel Barrymore. I never would've guessed from watching him here that Lionel Barrymore is the same man that played Mr. Potter in "It's A Wonderful Life". I like this, the direction is absolutely excellent, the open moving from one character to another in the lobby seamlessly is just as impressive today as it must've been so many decades ago.