Whistling in Brooklyn

Whistling in Brooklyn

Radio crime show host "The Fox" finds himself on the trail of a serial killer while a suspect himself.

Radio crime show host "The Fox" finds himself on the trail of a serial killer while a suspect himself. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dorian G (nl) wrote: A entertaining and sometimes strange doc about wine snobs. But they're not all snobs, surprisingly this focuses on several 30-something men who study and take the Master Sommelier exam. Funny descriptions of wine tastes, and fast talking and bickering between these men who have become friends in studying for the exam.Overall, really informative and fun, watch it if you have any interest in wine.Watched on Netflix at Sam's place with her, February 4, 2016.

Andrew J (ca) wrote: Funny in many parts, pretty standard plot line (but I wasn't expecting more). Enjoyable.

Karen F (ru) wrote: objectively this movie is pretty bleh, predictable and trite. I liked it, though. not to the point that I'd rewatch it, but it was a decent way to keep myself entertained while doing chores Ryan Reynolds is easy to watch, what can I say. I liked the father/daughter dynamic, too.

steve c (gb) wrote: Very heavy movie....not campy or a joke thing! Ken Norton is incredible in this slavery era tale of brutality and opression. The most realistic view of the horrors of slavery that will ever be put on film Im sure.

Adam S (it) wrote: Jean Gabin's ill fated stint in Hollywood during the Nazi occupation of France was much hyped by Fox for this studio-bound tale of wharf rats mingling with love, fate, murder, and deception amongst the shadows and fog. The expressionistic lighting is reminiscent of the kind of poetic realism Gabin's French films, especially "Port of Shadows", would have been known for in 1941.

James H (us) wrote: Rather tedious version of Vanity Fair, but a significant film. It is the first film in Techniclor. Miriam Hopkins was nominated for best actress. She is good, perhaps overacts a tad, but for 1935....

Calvin R (gb) wrote: Resident Evil: Apocalypse good sequal, but it lacked in a lot of things. Entertaining non the less.

Orlok W (nl) wrote: Enigmatic Film Noir is rich viewing experience--Mysteriously Charming!!