White Fang 2: Myth of the White Wolf

White Fang 2: Myth of the White Wolf

A boy and his dog, White Fang, must try to save the noble Haida tribe from evil white men in turn-of-the-century Alaska.

In order to save one of the last Alaskin native tribes, Fang bands together with a friend of his master to stop miners from destroying a sacred land. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


White Fang 2: Myth of the White Wolf torrent reviews

Maha M (br) wrote: Lame production with cute delivery.

Waleed A (de) wrote: Very entertaining and different movie with a fun tone. Really cool creative unrealistic action. But it also had a good story and acting. Lots of funny moments as well. "You know what I hate..." (about 4 viewings)

jerry m (jp) wrote: i love this movie...hi watch this!!!

Jennifer W (gb) wrote: Shane West gives a good performance; ditto Noah Segan.

Felipe F (de) wrote: Gus Van Sant slowly builds a burning tension on a fact-based tragedy in a unconventional style.

Rawballs B (mx) wrote: Cute romantic comedy film and enough to give you hoity-toity!..

Ashley D (mx) wrote: for a film which relies on nothing but dialogue this is way better than it has any right to be the cast is perfect taking into account the entire film is spent in pretty much one room with only 4 characters it is so well made that it deserves a lot of credit

frederator d (nl) wrote: This is one Taxi you won't want to get in!

James H (br) wrote: I think this is better than the first one with interesting new characters, an unknown setting and some side splitting scenes. In particular Kevin using the 'angels with even filthier souls' against the hotel staff was hilarious. People need to stop criticising films like this and just have fun watching its lighthearted themes like friendship and goodwill and it's great jokes.

Zudaheda H (au) wrote: FUNNY VAMPIRES! AWESOME!

Dave S (au) wrote: The "Romancing the Stone" rip-off that dares to offer only occasional action scenes in favor of scenes of the heroes traveling to and from various hotels, then talking some more. Also, no one actually walks on fire. Part of B-Fest '09.

Robert B (de) wrote: Zombi Holocaust (Marino Girolami, 1979)[originally posted 19Jan2001]Another film known by many names (eight, to be precise, that IMDB has been able to track down), Zombi Holocaust is probably best known by American cult-film devotees as Dr. Butcher, MD. I ended up picking this one up because there are a rather large number of crossovers with Lucio Fulci's brilliant splatterfest Zombi 2-writer Fabrizio DeAngelis was one of the producers of Fulci's film, male lead Ian McCulloch was the lead in Zombi 2, character actor Dakkar plays a native guide in both, etc. (Most interesting, one of the film's actors, Walter Patriarca, was Zombi 2's costume designer. Go figger.)Simple plot, which should sound familiar to anyone who's seen Fulci's film; a number of deaths occur in New York City, and Ian McCulloch, a beautiful sidekick, and two of their pals end up going to a remote Caribbean island where there's an English-speaking doctor who treats the natives. Sound familiar?For about the first forty-five minutes of this film, I was too busy thinking that it was exactly like Zombi 2 to be impressed. (No one, these days, is sure which film came out first, and most people also draw parallels to another classic of the genre that came out the same year, Ruddero Deodato's Cannibal Holocaust.) Then Ian McCulloch disposes of a zombie with a motorboat motor, and suddenly things started getting a whole lot more fun. Rather like The Evil Dead, this is a film where there's a whole lot of setup (though Raimi pulled it off miles better), but when the gore starts, the director lays it on thick, fast, and ugly. And while death-by-propeller is probably the funniest and nastiest scene in the film, there's certainly more than enough blood flowing/spraying/dripping/being drunk/etc. to please most fans of hardcore horror. Pound for pound, though, in comparison to Zombi 2, the latter stands up as the better film. As one reviewer put it, "Fulci... might have had the sauce, but [he] passed on the cheese." Fulci's obsessive attention to detail, better scriptwriting, and stunning score give Fulci the edge over Girolami. But man, it's fun to be the judge. ***

Isabel L (de) wrote: great old fashioned movie

Paul F (au) wrote: A homey, nostalgic feeling the motion picture Once is able to convey makes it one of the most surprising films of 2006.

Rini N (ag) wrote: Family movie with satisfying solution. Favorite scene: phone call from Stephen King