White Feather

White Feather

The story of the peace mission from the US cavalry to the Cheyenne Indians in Wyoming during the 1870s. The mission is threatened when a civilian surveyor befriends the chief's son and falls for the chief's daughter.

The story of the peace mission from the US cavalry to the Cheyenne Indians in Wyoming during the 1870s. The mission is threatened when a civilian surveyor befriends the chief's son and ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Vincent P (br) wrote: Not a sequel, but a slightly less effective remake. The filmmakers do get a good deal of bang for their Romanian buck though and there are some nifty ideas to complement some decent gore. It's the acting and some jarring editing choices that undo things a bit... and the horrific underuse of Peter Vincent.

Thomas L (au) wrote: it wasn't to bad. loved Jessica Szohr in it tho.

JeanPol C (au) wrote: Yes, it's good movie.

Orlando R (es) wrote: now i want to read the book!

Shane D (ru) wrote: Plays out much less like a movie and more like a failed TV pilot. Very standard and unexciting, though you could do worse if you're looking for a barebones distraction for your child.

Hernan O (mx) wrote: The cinematography was very poor. The acting by Brent Fellows was quite poor and dry as well, although Giovanni Andrade was actually pretty good. It was an interesting film but I felt it was a bit of diamond in the rough. It had great potential to be excellent but it wasn't quite there yet.

Sonya D (nl) wrote: Not one of his best films. But it was alright!!!!

N8N (de) wrote: Awesome docu-movie. Totally enjoyed watching it.

Ted W (ru) wrote: Although the last outing for Martin & Lewis, the tension doesn't show. Not enough of Dino singing, a little too much of Jerry mugging, but a fine farewell for the Beatles of comedy.

kamyar m (nl) wrote: One of the last ventures at the end of golden era of Ealing comedies, THE TITFIELD THUNDERBOLT delves into a conventional form of provincial comedy, mostly inspired by over-rated Tati's JOUR DE FETE. As unenthusiastic and unfunny as Tati?s works, it suffers from the lack of good gags ? there may be only two good ones in entire film, first in two comparative shots in a TV's western bar and actual British pub and the second in a scene of accepting a proposal for helping the railway project going on... But it marks the sad ending of a great beginning for British bratish comedy - however three decades later, director Crichton teams up with two Pythons, Cleese & Palin, as well as a stunning Kevin Kline in A FISH CALLED WANDA and shows the liveliness and vividness of the old tradition once again...

Robyn M (it) wrote: Julian Schnabel's BEFORE NIGHT FALLS looks just like a movie about being gay and boning every guy that comes your way. I couldn't get past the first 40 minutes.It's a shame really i'm a HUGE fan of Javier Bardem and Johnny Depp. The reviews are staggering and emphasis Before Night Falls to be 1 of the great films that hit the Cinema. Yet it just felt tedious, strained and flawed terribly with its storyline.

Colin S (kr) wrote: Great fun, with some excellent voice talent. At times hilarity ensues (witness Flash meeting Batman for the first time for an excellent example), and the ultra-violence and swearing means that this is pitched more at the adult market. Sometimes it takes the action a while to achieve any goal apart from "oh look how we have Hero X kill a Parademon in a unique way" a few dozen times but when it does the payoff is worth it. Interesting switch from using Aquaman in the original comic to Shazam in the movie but I'm left wondering if they could have made this work anyway. Wonder Woman also switches oddly from wallowing in paper-thin sexist tropes, to seriously kicking a lot of arse, and the latter is fantastic to see despite the former; I still have to ask when we're going to get a Greek-area-born Diana who doesn't have an American accent though.

fero H (it) wrote: This film could have been so good, but Marc Forster's clichd and ham-fisted direction completely ruined it for me. To be fair, his handling of the quieter moments between the action was adequate, but he clearly has no grasp of how direct action sequences, which are clearly central to any good Bond. I'm afraid the 'shake the camera and cut at least once a second' school of action direction doesn't really cut it.It's tragic really, as the setup and the stunts for the sequences looked pretty promising, but you had to look pretty hard to tell once Mr. Forster's hopeless direction kicked in. Such a waste.

Jeff M (us) wrote: This was a fantastic follow up to the first Rampage. It stirred a lot of emotion (which it was intended) and really provides a purpose behind Billy's actions. The pace was great and was a nice amount of suspense. The acting was pretty good quality - with majority done by the main character. I didn't like the swat commander - but it wasn't too important. I gave the movie a 4, but really as a squeal to the first rampage it should get a 5 in that regard.

Don M (ru) wrote: I bit unbelievable, but that's what makes it what it is. Solid concept that matches the movie title, with good performances by the cast.

Allan C (mx) wrote: Okay, I know this is not really a five star film, but it's one of my all-time favorites and that's why I've rated it as such. I think this is the best non-John Hughes high school comedy of the 80s. There are many memorable things about the film, but I think most memorable is the crazy stylized direction by Phil Joanou and the excellent photography by the Coen Brothers favorite director of photography Barry Sonnenfeld. In lesser hands, this with would have simply been a mildly entertaining comedy, but with Joanou and Sonnenfeld behind the camera, it's has the same wild energy and creativity of the Coen Brothers or Sam Raimi. The film is also memorable for the supporting cast, which includes Jeffery Tambor, Phillip Baker Hall, John P. Ryan, Mitch Pileggi, and Paul Feig (you may not have heard of them, but you'd instantly recognize them). All around a very fun film!