White Frog

White Frog

Story of a neglected teen with mild Asperger’s syndrome whose life is changed forever when tragedy hits his family

High-school freshman, Nick, is a neglected teen with mild Asperger's syndrome whose life is challenged and ultimately changed forever when tragedy hits his family. White Frog follows him trying to make it through each day. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Joan R (gb) wrote: Pointless movie with an unresolved ending.

Frank k (it) wrote: With 1990's era video game CGI, and the "of course everything goes wrong" plot its a real thriller! lol

Zen N (ru) wrote: Jeez, what was that ?

Marc W (it) wrote: leaning heavily on the "black" at the expense of the "comedy," this film, despite its ensemble cast, lacks just about every aspect one needs to put together an enjoyable cinematic experience. the characters are unbelievably flat with no chemistry whatsoever. they're neither amusingly nor believably dysfunctional. the writing is heavy-handed, at its finest, and the plot just barrels onward like a drunken elephant. not worth 25 minutes, let alone the full 1h25m. avoid it.

Lambert L (de) wrote: Harrison Ford is very good in this movie - he just keeps getting better...the film has lots of fun stars and entertaining dialogue and a wild car chase scene at the end - classic Hollywood.

Claudette A (fr) wrote: A sweet film about prejudices.

Andy D (br) wrote: 3 and a half stars. Nice twist at the end.

Peter B (br) wrote: A great indie comedy that has achieved cult status. Shot in black and white, Clerks has many funny moments. A nice take on many peoples daily lives.

Private U (ag) wrote: stunning performance by Sheila Tousey as the ghost of Phoenix's dead wife.

Deena A (au) wrote: Hilarious!Grade: B-

Adam T (br) wrote: After some forays into political territory (the cold war film Torn Curtain and Cuban revolution flavoured Topaz) Hitch returned to what he did best with this tale of a London serial killer who strangles his victims with a necktie. It's certainly a garish, drab depiction of London in the early '70s- lots of pubs, fruit markets, grotty alleyways, and is expertly crafted for maximum suspense by the expert himself.

AD V (es) wrote: Energetic and flat out fun, fast paced comedy/horror about a bunch of (alien?) insects that take over the world. Good FX and and a believable cast help make this low budget indy really come through. Plus the hybrids are the coolest/creepiest things I've seen on film in quite a long while. Now where's that damn sequel?