White Hunter Black Heart

White Hunter Black Heart

A thinly fictionalized account of a legendary movie director, whose desire to hunt down an animal turns into a grim situation with his movie crew in Africa

Hard-living, macho movie director John Wilson arrives in 1950s Zimbabwe to prepare for his next film. There he desires to film the process of hunting down an animal but it turns out that hunting is more interesting than filming. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Reuben S (ru) wrote: There's nothing spectacular about this film, but, as a quirky Swedish film about a 100-year-old man and his shenanigans with a crazy biker gang, it gets the job done; with a funny script, great characters and a unique story in a film filled with personality and a surprisingly dark under layer. It may dwindle a little too much on confusing flashbacks and the fact that Allan (the 100-year-old) likes explosions with a story that may be a bit too mad for the sake of it; but it's still a very entertaining watch and definitely worth a go if you're on Netflix or Amazon Prime, at least.

Jun Wen W (gb) wrote: 3 stars for Tang Wei.

Josh M (br) wrote: Action packed and gory swordplay, but with a very stale and linear plot.

Hael C (kr) wrote: i tried but blah blah blah...not good

Serena G (mx) wrote: not sure if I will like it or not.

WJ F (it) wrote: This is a stupid movie, but I can't help liking it!

Barroni B (ca) wrote: I loved that they kept the main theme of the movie from Eat Drink Man Woman intact and was able to effectively show the relationship scenarios cross the cultural divide making the world seem like a smaller place so to speak.

Lance P (kr) wrote: Could be worse, love the cigarette trick.

Tony C (mx) wrote: I surprisingly loved Castle Freak. It was very atmospheric and definitely didn't pull any punches. The freak's face is really grisly and the gore is really gross. The freak also runs around naked with his junk cut off for the entire movie which definitely takes serious balls as a filmmaker.There's definitely a few cheesy parts but they were really easy for me to look past, because the rest of the movie was so awesome.

Cresswell S (ag) wrote: remake of Casablanca of sorts. Good movie

Scotty C (kr) wrote: East meets west in a fun and engaging adaptation of the western genre into the cultural archetypes of Japanese history.

Andr D (ru) wrote: Grandioso primer trabajo del genial Alfred Hitchocock. Una cinta rapida y emocionante que lo tendra al borde de su silla de principio a fin. Tuvo un re-make hecho por el mismo Hitchcock en 1956, pero esta version es mucho mas visceral y cuenta con un gran villano encarnado por Peter Lorre.

Amelia W (mx) wrote: Like tots awsome i loved it :)