White Madness

White Madness

A heroin-addicted artist (Thom Hoffman) hugs his self-imposed isolation. While he was in an empty factory to painting, he heroin syringe. He dreams that he is like an eagle above the people flies out. When his mother becomes disabled after a failed suicide attempt, she asks him. He is looking for her for the first time in twelve years again. Together they take a radical decision.

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Joseph L (ag) wrote: Awesome Movie. Great acting by arshad.

Phillip D (jp) wrote: I was truly transported by this film. Despite the long succession of depressing events it somehow managed to be uplifting.

Stefanus Andi G (it) wrote: Somalian pirates indeed inspire movie-makers around the world to depict one flick out of their action. Well, prolonging negotiation up to two months over the waters seems to itch one frugal invader's finger to trigger the gun in the end. One hit that no one see that coming, intense but in slow pace of a screen.

Zach M (ca) wrote: This was a fairly mediocre comedy that had quite a few good actors/actresses.Didn't laugh much and it didn't go by quickly.Filmed in BC.

Paul D (ru) wrote: Uplifting family wildlife-drama that is a heavily produced but at least it's based on a true story.

Maggie F (gb) wrote: Funny coming of age flick.

Frank D (ca) wrote: More Kate Beckinsale, more okay plot lines.

David B (es) wrote: a very refreshing found footage film. don't expect too much from it, it's wasn't ment to be a masterpiece but it is interesting and it does make you ask yourself questions.

CJ (nl) wrote: Outstanding, Really a Confusing film but it all comes together in the end

Glenn C (de) wrote: How do you possibly make a film about necrophilia that's both beautiful and romantic? You'd think it impossible but Lynne Stopkewich did it effortlessly with her 1996 film, Kissed. It stars Molly Parker as a woman fixated on death. From early childhood she has held and embraced a morbid fascination, seeing it as equally beautiful as life itself. The subject matter is handled so delicately and it's never offensive. The story is both tragic and inspiring and Parker's performance deservedly propelled her into the world's spotlight. With gorgeous photography and a haunting soundtrack, Kissed is easily one of my favourite Canadian films. Take the time to see it because its unlike any love story you will have seen before. A beautiful film.

Raji K (mx) wrote: Abby (Frances McDormand) and Ray (John Getz) are having an affair. When the husband (Dan Hedaya) finds out, he hires a PI (M. Emmet Walsh) to murder them. In a dark and slow manner the plot unfolds as the characters interact for their lives. Double Crossings, Murder, and guilt all transpire in this film featuring solid performances. Blood Simple was a great start to the serious side of the Coen Brothers and is a fans of their films should not miss it.

scott g (gb) wrote: People can go into other peoples dreams and interact, a goverment progham has people being treaten this way, people who are troubled but within this a plot is taking place to get rid of the president of united states who is about to strike peace with the russians. Dennis quaid a person with strong powers for this job and now out of it all is brought back, but he soon discovers all is not well and this kicking off. the film 80s dated now is enjoyable a young Dennis quaid not great but engageing, there are silly moments throughout but for a 80s fantsasy film there are a lot worse out there.

Sandra C (au) wrote: Amazing twist love it

Zach M (nl) wrote: Not the best Paul Anderson movie but still a very interesting film.Good acting and interesting story.