White Mile

White Mile

An ad-agency boss (Alan Alda) leads a white-water-rafting trip into danger.

The longing to win a race convertes a simple wildwater rafting competition into war. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


White Mile torrent reviews

Leon C (au) wrote: I am proud to class this movie as the REAL Singapore Musical! Hokkien songs never sound so good on screen. This movie will make you laugh and cry.

Jason Jay L (au) wrote: Talking head styled documentry with the 'Lemmy' of the comic/graphic book world.

Travis S (de) wrote: A really good foreign action flick.

Mark K (mx) wrote: less fun will smith movie.

David J (br) wrote: Kevin Smith's black-and-white cult hit "Clerks" has some poor acting, but it's a quaint comedy with a positive message.

Stephen O (de) wrote: Sonatine was a wonderful crime drama. Takeshi Kitano does wonderfully well in this atmosphere. His character Murakawa is tired of the Yakuza life and wishes he could retire. His boss has other plans, sending Murakawa to handle a truce between their gang and another. Takeshi is a good director as the night scenes were well lit. He also used distances to his advantage. I felt trying to show how Murakawa had grown weary of the gang life. There were a couple of scenes that could have been shortened; as they seemed to drag for just a little too long. The story was excellent. It was filled with comedy, drama, and action. Also as the movie goes on the atmosphere changes to keep you unsure of what could happen next. I went from tense to relaxed; laughing to shocked. As you take the journey with him, you begin to see his men and himself get closer. They were almost family like (yes, I know), he even shows that he could be good deep down. There was sumo scene that became somewhat surreal, but was at the same time slightly humorous. When the ending came though, I was touched and shocked. It didn't end they way I expected at all. So if your every on netflix or walking around a movie store and see this film...rent it. The only real downside is it's foreign so you might end up reading some subtitles; but it is so worth it.

Morgan W (au) wrote: good film each story was good.

Will L (ca) wrote: Funnier and more entertaining than the original, in my opinion, without having to be nearly as crude. Jim Carrey also proves to be less spazzy in this sequel, while remaining equally as wacky.

FilmGrinder S (au) wrote: My favorite chuck through the jungle.

Dave L (it) wrote: If Joel Schumacher is left alone to make a less mainstream, slightly indie film it turns out to be pretty damn good. Exemplary performances from De Niro and Hoffman as you'd expect. Some scenes do feel a little convoluted but there are very few off those and they don't detract from the overall film. It's not a rip roaring comedy but it's funny in places. Especially when the rival drag queens start fighting and they call for some "butch faggots" to break it up

Steve G (ca) wrote: Creepy movie. Strange Canadians. Like many have said, great idea...loses me in the end. This seems to be a precursor to Inception, but not as crappy.

Carmela (ca) wrote: So the film redeems itself towards the end, this 1960s version of Ocean's Eleven. After a provocative start, it ends with a moral highlight that had been deftly alluded to from the beginning. It even gets deeper and almost tear-jerking. What a twist!