White of the Eye

White of the Eye

Evidence of mutilated housewives points to a sound expert (David Keith) living unhappily with his wife (Cathy Moriarty) in Arizona.

The police tries to catch the criminal who threatens all innocent people in Arizona town. Despite of having many arguments, Joan White always believes in her good husband. One day, The police show suddenly some evidence about Joan White' s husband which makes her heart break. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Eric P (ca) wrote: this is an oddity but sure inventive

Natalia H (ca) wrote: Terrible movie. Simply a knock-off of Brave. It makes no sense.

Justin B (ru) wrote: Decent little thriller. Was pretty impressed with both Cage and Cusack's performance.

Jack L (de) wrote: Fantastic! Thanks to Ebru for bringing it to my attention, an to Lama for making the viewing possible. Sad at times, but plenty of laugh out loud moments to lighten the serious aspects of the film. Simply put, Christian and Muslim men try to out man each other, and it falls on the women to lessen the tension, without the men knowing they are being played. Makes for a lot of fun at times. Hopefully women get an increasingly larger voice in world affairs, for the men have screwed up for far too long.

Thomas S (jp) wrote: nicht sehr berzeugend / not impressive

Amer P (ru) wrote: Add a review (optional)...

HeidiMay T (us) wrote: Great movie can relate to this.movie so so much hence why I love it so much

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Jeanette R (nl) wrote: loved it the first time had to watch it again

Gregory C (mx) wrote: a violent gangster movie with something for everyone. seriously. there are more cutesy montages in this movie than you'd ever expect out of a movie like this. kinda fun.

Danny R (kr) wrote: Walt Disney's groundbreaking eight-part innovative classic animation masterpiece, which took three years and $2,280,000 to make. It was originally planned as a short subject film, but Walt Disney and conductor Leopold Stokowski decide to make a full-length concert feature instead. The result is a vivid imaginative work of stunning genius, with a broad range of incredble animation from the abstract shapes, colours and ideas that open the film, through to the fun and engaging The Sorcerer's Apprentice and Nutcracker Suite. The science lesson in The Rite of Spring and the 'introduction-to-ballet' we have with the Dance of the Hours and to finish with the incredibly scary and unforgettably sinister devil in the Night on Bald Mountain and Ave Maria. An amazing marriage of music and animation that remains a magnificent artistic and technical achievement. One of the all-time great animation films. Highly Recommended.

Josef A (de) wrote: Bruceploitation at its very best - the story is as silly as you'd expect, but the fighting is amazing, and was years ahead of its time. As always, with his dazzling kicks and acrobatic finesse, Hwang Jang Lee is great as the villain and provides yet another memorable end fight.

Mark H (ru) wrote: Judy Holliday is a an absolute delight in her final film as a telephone answering service operator who becomes romantically involved with one of her clients. Stylish musical based on the 1956 Broadway hit of the same name is heartwarming and sweet from start to finish. An undervalued gem. Songs include the popular standards "Just in Time" and "The Party's Over".

Brad S (ca) wrote: First time seeing this great film from Billy Wilder and based in an Agatha Christie piece, and I loved it. Charles Laughton is amazing in it, he received an Oscar nomination for his work. This film is currently #79 on imdb's Top 250 and I can see why. Highly recommended!