White Palms

White Palms

Having suffered as a boy under a brutal Communist-era coach, champion Hungarian gymnast Miklos moves to Canada years later in search of a new start - only to find himself unwittingly perpetuating the very same cycle of abuse among his own pupils.

Having suffered as a boy under a brutal Communist-era coach, champion Hungarian gymnast Miklos moves to Canada years later in search of a new start - only to find himself unwittingly ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Michael M (ru) wrote: Watch it. Even if you don't care for thai boxing or ultimate fighting, there is a latent virtue of honor, decision, and integrity that streams through this film. Despite a few moments of flaky acting, this film seems to suggest that even a carnal beast can have a human heart.

Leo L (br) wrote: A fantastic film!! One of my absolute favorites!! If you're into Native culture films, this has got to be one of the best in the category to see! IT'S A MUST!!!

Lynn S (us) wrote: At first I took the opening scene seriously, then I soon was laughing out loud. All of the cast were perfect in their roles, but Marcia was outstanding!

Si F (kr) wrote: Not a bad film by any means, just not exciting enough to capture my attention, and to be honest if it wasn't based on real events I think I would have lost interest entirely

Rodger W (ca) wrote: I was inspired to register when I saw how few reviews there were for one of my fave movies, Get Crazy. I was in the basement organizing my old VHS tapes and it caught my eye. I thought about how many hilarious scenes there are in the movie, and how creative and silly it is, and I smiled at how much I enjoy it everytime I watch it. It's unbelievable that this movie is not better known! There are appearances by some known musical personalities, most notably Lou Reed, who is great in probably one of the only acting roles he as undertaken. I will probably talk some more about this movie later, but am curious about what other options my registration gives me. I am going to try to start a forum to promote the movie.

Rafael P (de) wrote: Comea muito lento, mas a cena final valeu cada minuto. Recomendo.

Whit w (ca) wrote: I didn't think I was going to enjoy watching this, but it turned out to be a decent traditional vampire story. The movie starts out well and there is just enough going on throughout to keep it from dragging. The acting is a little over-the-top dramatically, but old school vampire flicks almost always are. There's nothing new to find anywhere here, but it's a good movie.

Orlok W (ca) wrote: Dracula! Jerry Lewis! Monkeys! Who Can Resist--Rockin'& Rollin' with Bela!!

Ilsa L (ru) wrote: Black comedies just don't get more delicious than this. While much has quite justifiably been made about the genius of Alec Guinness in no less than 8 roles. the great talents of Dennis Price and Joan Greenwood should also be acknowledged.

Nate T (ru) wrote: Interesting Noire. Cast is in good form.

Andrew L (fr) wrote: The most misguided anti-marijuana film ever made, fairly funny due to its massive flaws.

Carlos I (mx) wrote: Actually not that bad. Certainly not as bad as stupid Rotten Tomatoes would have you believe. Sure it doesn't have the best performances, and a bit is cliche, but it's an interesting story, and features a world not yet explored on film.

Fran P (ag) wrote: The movie itself is mediocre -- poor special effects (it was 1994 after all) are worsened by bad acting and a storyline with so many plot holes and inconsistencies I couldn't believe it. But Van Damme as usual was a sincere, heartwarming character. I really felt respect for him after the personal message about his life that he placed off-set in the middle of JCVD, and even though he plays in B movies, I do like him as a character.