White Rat

White Rat


Mike Capon, an ex-cop turned private eye, is supposed to be protecting a young girl named Alice Leasen, so when she's killed on his watch the pressure is on as he tries to track down the person responsible. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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DeMarkus H (br) wrote: 1:24 of pure enjoyment

Melissa N (ca) wrote: Phenomenal back story! Even more impressive than Burn Notice itself.

Anand K (kr) wrote: This one was beyond me. But I appreciate the performances.

Randy P (es) wrote: One of those ideas that seems interesting on paper and possibly be made into a great thriller. But I found this film tried to be smarter than it capably could be.As an audience you lose interest as the plot thickens, and twist get more ridiculous.

James H (ru) wrote: Very tongue-in-cheek horror spoof, Clint Howard has a field day as the ice cream man, often sounding like Jack Nicholson in The Shining. Needlessly bloody and gross though. Surprising array of known stars in smaller roles. It should have been more focused on the spoofery and less focused on the gore.

Jeffrey M (ag) wrote: Citizen X is another excellent film by HBO, delivering a somber, atmospheric, and fact-based serial killer movie. It doesn't rely on cheap scares or cliches, rather focuses on character development, and the political realities that made this case so unique. Stephen Rea was incredible, conveying an immense amount of emotion and depth without having to say anything.

Quade C (it) wrote: So bad that it's incredible!

Angieeeeeeee (au) wrote: GREAT movie on Patsy Cline's Life. I wish she were still alive. She could sing almost as good as Mariah Carey! ;-)

Shelby C (fr) wrote: bill Murray being sassy in the seventies

Cindy I (ag) wrote: I shouldn't like this story of movie stunt drivers, but I did.

Andrew W (ca) wrote: Whilst there is a few good jokes in here, ultimately this is a formulaic and often embarrassing story of love and marriage.

Jamie C (fr) wrote: George Lazenbys one and only Bond film should of been a disaster but it was better than I was expecting, Introducing a new Bond was always going to hard to get used to but Lazenby does a good job even though it felt like sometimes the film makers were either giving Sean Connery the middle finger or trying to tell him that we still miss you by making sarcastic comments and showing us old gadgets and little nods towards previous Bond films, The story was good but the way it was told made an hour of the film drag on and was quite a bore, But where this Bond shines is in the action, There's no silly gadgets but doesn't get rid of those stupid one liners, But it has some good fight scenes and some very well shot chases car and skiing, Lazenby put more effort into the action in one film than Sean Connery ever did, Plus the ending was different to the others that worked well, I wouldn't of minded seeing Lazenby back as Bond even though character wise Connery suited the role better, Even though the film is over long and drags during its down time the action makes up for it.