White Shadows in the South Seas

White Shadows in the South Seas

An alcoholic doctor on a Polynesian island, disgusted by white exploitation of the natives, finds himself marooned on a pristinely beautiful island.

An alcoholic doctor on a Polynesian island, disgusted by white exploitation of the natives, finds himself marooned on a pristinely beautiful island. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Arai A (ag) wrote: On the whole,is experimental since something like this has never been attempted earlier.

Les E (de) wrote: Beautifully paced grim suspense.

jnia j (br) wrote: This movie was amazing! Thank Gosh I went on my cruise before I saw it.

Jonathan B (ru) wrote: The last time I saw Ali was well over 10 years ago now, but in lieu of his passing seemed a fitting time to revisit. The film showcases both the strengths and weaknesses of the biopic format, in that it is impeccably cast, well shot, and effectively recreates iconic moments and characters, and yet at the same time too long, a bit unfocused and never quite captures the full essence of the title man himself. Granted, Ali was the most famous man alive during his heights, living a fascinating and complex life that intersected many avenues of society and life in general, so this is no easy task. In retrospect, Michael Mann does about as well as to be expected and remains most notable for getting the best performance of Will Smith's career, which sadly remains the actor's only time working with an Oscar caliber director in their prime.

Dave R (ca) wrote: joe pesci plays a guy desperate to make it in hollywood but is frustrated by his inability to do so. he longs for the golden age of hollywood when people could break into films easier - he imagines himself hanging out with james cagney and edwin g. robinson. so desperate is he for fame he decides to take on the role of spokesman for a nonexistent vigilante group...the film just seems to be addressing the phenomenon of "media whoredom" - as i'll call it - that surrounds us now. it's funny that "natural born killers" came out around the same time and addressed the same basic phenomenon. these days with the internet and smart phones these movies seem tame.pesci's character isn't without it's charm and nor is slater's - an actor i generally don't like -but the plot isn't strong enough for the hour and 45 minutes that it runs.

Nick P (mx) wrote: It's a thinker. Conversations and clues along with pompous, conservative vibes are slow but at the same time intriguing. This makes the dialogue all the more interesting. The performances of Stockhard Channing and especially Will Smith, in his greatest role, are inspired.

Scott M (ag) wrote: Yes its trashy, filthy, and silly. Its easily the best B movie shlock ever made. The acting in this movie is so over the top, but fun to watch. Just like a train wreck like one critic said. It reminds me of the film noirs of the 40's. Blasphemy!

Brian C (it) wrote: Wonderful fun.Witchboard has a person using a ouija board on her own and gets taken over by an evil spirit. The story is very good, the deaths are well done and even though the acting is a bit off at times, it is thoroughly enjoyable.

Jamie S (br) wrote: I liked this one and i've still got the VHS- how retro! :)

Spencer P (fr) wrote: Laughably goofy-looking today (and maybe in its time), this is nonetheless an ambitious sci-fi story that still makes room for its actors to explore a bold, new fantasy world.

Colleen W (fr) wrote: The first lesbian movie I ever saw!!

Michael W (nl) wrote: Part visionary and part dreamer organizes a professional squad of kid skateboarders to tour the California coast in an effort to emerge from his mounting debt. Sad to see corruption enter kid's sports when the financier of the team orders Leif Garrett to take a fall in the final downhill skateboard event. Helpful safety tips are offered at the conclusion of Vista's VHS release.

Janski A (us) wrote: Been AGES since I've seen this. Yet one of the funniest films generally no-one has never heard about, ever.

David G (es) wrote: It's a'hangin' day in Wolf City, Wyoming, 1894 and they're gonna drop Cat Ballou through the gallows floor. Why you may ask? Well that's the story right there in this daft comedy western starring a jaw-droppingly beautiful Jane Fonda as the titular school teacher turned outlaw and an Oscar-winning Lee Marvin as both the legendary (and permenantly drunk) gunslinger Kid Shelleen and his evil nemesis Strawn. Wow, if they gave out Oscars for hammy overacting these days then Nic Cage and John Travolta would be swimming in them! Anyway, the zany comedy and carefree nature of the film make it a lot of fun to watch and there are some annoyingly catchy Nat King Cole/Stubby Kaye musical numbers to tap your toes along to. Kid Shelleen! Kid Shelleeeeeen! The fastest gun you've ever seeeeeen!

Joel A (ag) wrote: A truly sensational film from one of my favorite English Directing Duo Michael Powell & Emmerich Pressburger.The story of Nuns trying to implement change in a village in the Himalayas and their personal & physical struggles doing it. This is a gorgeously shot, and like their other films the most stunning use of technicolor in film, the colors are so vibrant & lasting.The story starts so strong but looses steam a bit mid to end of film, but the craftsmanship of this film is second to none.

Charles W (jp) wrote: One of the few musicals I find very entertaining. It's got good songs and acting, and plenty of humor throughout the movie, overall it's definitely good.

Max H (fr) wrote: Seeing the first ever episode of Doctor Who back when it came out in 1963, I was wondering, how much fun did we miss over the years?

Gregory W (es) wrote: just ok a little slow but lame special effects

Jordan K (kr) wrote: Trouble with the Curve feels extremely dull and it is one of the various films where you don't know enough about the characters to care. The film itself isn't too bad, but it's nothing special, and is a bit like late 80s sports centered rom coms.Clint Eastwood plays a baseball talent scout whose age is catching up to him, so he journeys with his workaholic daughter and a former player who didn't make the major league cut to closely scout a much talked about player with one key con.Trouble with the Curve is once again nothing special and is pretty forgettable. Eastwood is good and believable in his role and so is Adams - something didn't feel right about Timberlake, he has trouble establishing himself as an actor. The plotline is not so much about baseball and more on family tension, which consumes a lot of it and gets old pretty fast. Nothing special, but not bad.