White Shamans and Plastic Medicine Men

White Shamans and Plastic Medicine Men

This award-winning documentary deals with the popularization and commercialization of Native American spiritual traditions by Non-Indians. Important questions are asked of those seeking to commercially exploit Tribal rituals and sacred ceremonies...and those vested with safeguarding sacred ways. The film represents a wide range of voices from Native communities, and speaks to issues of cultural appropriation with humor, righteous anger, and thoughtful insight

This award-winning documentary deals with the popularization and commercialization of Native American spiritual traditions by Non-Indians. Important questions are asked of those seeking to ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Robert M (mx) wrote: You will need courage, courage, courage. Christian or not, this is still a very heart-warming and emotional movie. I may not be a father, nor do I really plan to be one, but I still feel the seriousness and the enlightenment of what God has in store for every follower and every other person as I watch this. Like I said, christian or not, it is a well reminder of how we need to look out on our children, our brothers and sisters, and everyone else we know and care about, living or not.

Bathsheba M (au) wrote: I have a high interest in the subject of art forgery....always wondered what it would be like to have great skill used in the service of someone else's vision, but I honestly couldn't stick with this movie long enough to find out.

Peter H (ag) wrote: I just saw this. One of Pete Postlewaite's last movies. A great way to present the issue of global warming and environmental damage.

Brady B (us) wrote: Entertaining, that's all

Tracy F (kr) wrote: Can we say - AWFUL???!!!

Henry E (it) wrote: This was a remarkable movie. It introduced me to the man behand Nietzche's philosophy and the nascent world of pyschoanalysis.

Emily B (au) wrote: I was hoping for Mean Girls or Pitch Perfect -esque humor, but this didn't even come close.

Jens D (gb) wrote: ox made this movie for me

Paul H (gb) wrote: Many reviewers have commented on the incisive and realistic depiction this film offers on the harshness of street life and male prostitution. Be that as it may, I would not give a film a high rating because it is apparently 'authentic', 'challenging', 'different' and refuses to adopt a formulaic, Hollywood style narrative. This film is, quite frankly, a narrative disaster. The producers spend more time exhibiting sustained scenes of male pornography, rather than developing a storyline that will at least empathise with its audience. This excessiveness results in a feeling that everyone is trying too hard to get their point across. Often, the most powerful cinema is expressed through subtlety, metaphorical imagery, nuance and dialogue - see Bergman, Fellini, Pasolini, Truffaut. This film feels artificial despite the use of non-professional actors. The narrative pacing is atrocious. The film's original synopsis detailed Marek's father's frantic chase to hunt down his son, yet he is rarely seen. This is the worst film I have ever seen and I don't say that lightly. An insult to Czech, and former Czechoslovakian cinema that has produced gems such as 'Closely Observed Trains'.

Karol D (de) wrote: good for a debut film for broken lizard but was not as good as their later works

David F (kr) wrote: A consistently funny, quite charming film that sadly spawned one of the worst sequels it has been my displeasure to see!

WS W (de) wrote: Truffaut's vindication for women's legs-chaser, or "womanizer" as what we name today. Average overall but undeniably some in-depth observation & depiction. Nevertheless, strong charactered woman (Nelly Borgeaud's Delphine in this one) is still the most appealing one in Truffaut's eyes.

Adam M (mx) wrote: Turns easygoing simplicity into a mundane affectation. In a way this is Bogdanovich's version of a Woody Allen romance-and-infidelity NY comedy, told in reverence for the Hollywood Golden Age. The dialogue tries to pass off a lot of sub-par shmoozing as poetry, which is a major step below the achievements of Saint Jack. If this movie is accurate, it was never more easy than in NYC c. 1981 to make instant friends, to "meet someone" on a given afternoon and to run into them the next day on the sidewalk. Characters are supposed to be preternaturally cool or elegant and every man is a smoothy or a klutzy charmer. The movie is not so much in love with women as it is in love with different types of dapperness in men and with lustfully pining for Dorothy Stratton. But there's a lot of treasure here for people who love movies, in the shots and the performances and a witty end credit sequence.All the women are good, even Colleen Camp after you get over her being directed to deliver lines like a typewriter. John Ritter, doing Bogdonavich, may be at his best. Blaine Novack is quite a character; Patti Hansen is the cab driver of every boy's dreams; and Dorothy Stratten can look like a genuine star and chew gum at the same time.