White Skin

White Skin

Two roommates discover that the family of one of their girlfriends is populated with vampires.

Two roommates discover that the family of one of their girlfriends is populated with vampires. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Theresa J (au) wrote: Not just because he is my favorite singer, but Phil Lewis is the best part of this whole movie. I hope that some day he gets to act in something good. The story sucked and the props were dollar store at best.

Bengel W (jp) wrote: Down to the grunge drug dealing world of London and the relationships that are common in status. Script is crude and rude containing an overbearing amount of swearwords. Music adds flavor to the scenes mostly lighthearted in rhythm. Depressing subject that shows the lack of humanity that is involved in the drug world. Nibbles: Vegetable Stuffed Turkey Roll.

Ruthie G (br) wrote: I really loved watching this movie!!!

Mike S (fr) wrote: A feel good story of a David and Goliath. Based on a true story of a boy who just wanted a chance to play for the Notre Dame football team, and the struggles and hard work leading up to the feel good ending.

Loren R (nl) wrote: Der absolute Hhepunkt, (oder sollte ich sagen, der absolute Tiefpunkt!) bei der Planet der Affen Reihe! Trashiger geht es nicht mehr und auch die Handlung ist vllig Sinnlos! Sptestens ab hier, htte man die Reihe einstampfen sollen! Zum Glck gibt es ja noch einen fnften Teil......Aber im vierten Teil geht es voll zur Sache! Rassentrennung und Rassendiskriminierung, Massenverfolgung und Unart gerechte Tierhaltung! Und bei der Geschichte ist man froh, wenn es endlich vorbei ist!

Marivi A (de) wrote: Pls. add Anne of the Thousand days to you list

Xander S (br) wrote: The founding myth of America is reenacted with toe-tapping glee, and without as much of the vapid flag-waving and yankee-doodling as lesser talents would have brought to it. A cast pretty much brought over directly from the original Broadway production (with a handful of exceptions) brings, if not life, then wit to an ensemble of unrealistic, but mythologically plausible, characters as they fight over the drafting of the Declaration of Independence. The characters may be historical caricature, but the Philadelphia they inhabit is vivid, beautifully designed, and tangible. The songs aren't perfect (they tend to swing back and forth between operatic bombast and Broadway kitsch), but a few of them are sublime (just try not getting chills when a young Continental soldier hauntingly croons a folksy tune about a mother looking for her son on the battlefield). And how about that direction? Scenes of the Congress bickering are brilliantly claustrophobic, and even the weaker musical numbers are either sprightly or daringly artistic. Blythe Danner (Will's pill-popping mother on "Will & Grace") also makes a brief but breathtaking appearance as Thomas Jefferson's eager young wife. Her energetic waltz with John Adams and Ben Franklin injects the viewer with just enough energy to breeze through the film's slow second half. Not a perfect movie, and definitely not the "history lesson" some critics dismiss it as, but certainly an event worth dropping by for.

Bill T (es) wrote: Very very odd under the radar movie here. 2 british girls out biking the French countryside have what the british call a quarrel and soon go out on their own. When Jane tries to find the other after feeling somewhat guilty, she can't find her anywhere. I never heard about this movie until today, and there's many different things I like about this one, it has very little dialogue (Jane is not helped much, darn French speakers). there's a lot of imaginative cinematography, and quite the odd soundtrack. This movie seemed to have influenced quite a number of movies, from The Vanishing to, of all things, Hostel. Very very innovative.

Hans J E (us) wrote: I've not seen all Jean Claude Van Damme's movies, but here are a few of them.

Christian B (au) wrote: It feels exactly like it is. A Saving Private Ryan clone, only missing the great characters and solid story that made Saving Private Ryan such a compelling movie.

Agustn S (kr) wrote: The soundtrack alone is enough reason to enjoy this film; thankfully, it's heartwarming story, and it's captivating blend of action, stunning animation and effortless humor are just as stunning as Phill Collin's genius work

Lee Ann W (ag) wrote: Mark Ruffalo is award winning in this movie