White Slave

White Slave

A young woman seeks vengeance and finds love when her parents are killed in the Amazon and she is taken prisoner by an indigenous tribe of headhunters.

A young woman seeks vengeance and finds love when her parents are killed in the Amazon and she is taken prisoner by an indigenous tribe of headhunters. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jose J (mx) wrote: WOW what a gem of a movie!!!!

Crystal K (us) wrote: unsettling but made me want to keep watching.

Sean C (ru) wrote: Scott is a man who asks his girlfriend to marry him she throws up... He takes that as a no. She stops talking to him completely he just stops taking care of himself just to add on to this sadness his roommate moved away for a job he wanted. After a while Scott notices that he can't pay the rent for much longer so he goes searching for a new roommate he chooses the couple who appears to be normal.... Watching this film with out reading other reviews is the best way to watch any film. You state your opinion without the opinions of others. With that said I like this film Yeah that's right I think it was worth a watch. You may say why? The reason besides the all around great acting is the story can remind me of the dark and twist story of the Cable Guy. But is this movie there are two people who are like stalkers. I need to say that Brandon Routh (Superman Returns and Scott Pilgrim vs. The World) was pretty much prefect. His reaction was so funny. In the middle of the movie is when every thing came together is the funniest thing I seen since I saw The Darjeeling Limited. Does this mean that this movie is perfect well.... No there are problems with movie such as the ending does not justify the start of the film. That is the easiest way to say it with spoiling the movie. The end either makes the movie really deep or they forgot a scene. The movie did not appear to have this quality. The final verdict, I would say to watch this film if you have a night that you are not doing anything and you see it coming on I suggest it. 78% out of 100%.

adi u (it) wrote: Excels neither in plot nor action. Yet got me drowned in it. Showed that you don't need a huge budget and product placement to make a decent movie. Just take some everyday use object, cover them in dust/mud/oil and do the right lighting and you can really make a good background for a gloomy and engaging sci-fi movie. Definitely watchable.

Ricky M (nl) wrote: "Bottle Shock" (2008) Talk about a diamond in the rough. This is about how a mom and pop winery created a wine that founds its way into the Smithsonian Institution. Here, Pine is Bo Barrett, the son of Winemaker Jim Barrett (Bill Pullman, "Spaceballs," "Independence Day"). Very delightful and enjoyable, this one will appeal to everyone, especially those who admired Alexander Payne's "Sideways."A

Chris Q (mx) wrote: Pretty slow but good

Aidan W (jp) wrote: One of those military movies that more accurately reflects an all-star wrestling match rather than anything real. Well at least the first half anyways, I didn't make it to the end.

John E (ag) wrote: Little Big League follows a 12-year old boy who inherits the Minnesota Twins from his grandfather and appoints himself the manager. Through growing pains he tries to determine what is more important in life as he disappoints, friends, family, and his clubhouse. The acting was decent while the script was average and cheesy with the direction following suit on the average scale. The direction done by Andrew Scheinman (film debut) did a good job for the genre but unfortunately overall it was just average. There seemed to be some a loose connection at times with the cast and what they were trying to get as an overall feel good story. Credit is deserved in this case because he worked with a very young amateur cast in the main roles. This is no easy task. Keep in mind actors grow and mature into their careers. Overall this was not a bad job, but there is still room for improvement if Scheinman wants a lengthy career as a director. The script written by Gregory K. Pincus (film debut) was a good heartfelt story that showed a young boy thrusting himself into an adult situation. Though far from a historical film, it still stands out amongst the genre of feel-good kids' films. Though it will fade overtime, the memories it intertwines with baseball will last forever given that fact it was very in tune with the game itself. The script was the best part of this film and brought forth the great overall story for the actors to create. The acting was not terrible, but it was nothing more than average. The lead character was played by Luke Edwards (Mother's Boys) and did a decent job. He was rather flat during the emotional times of his character but that is to be expected from an actor maturing into his craft, not to mention it is hard to demand so much from someone so inexperienced. The main support came from Timothy Busfield (Striking Distance) who brought a solid presence to the screen and did a good job in his role. His maturity in the role helped to guide the younger actor along but it wasn't enough to bring the lead character to unprecedented new heights. The other support came from Ashley Crow (The Good Son) who did a good job in her role, though this was hardly a challenge at all. She seemed to fit there and was comfortable in her role, like a natural. This was also a good foundation for stability but again was not enough. The chemistry of the cast was still good however, as they seemed to bond through the making of the film and this made for an overall better film. This is rare for some kinds of film for this genre and made it appear better than most. The overall aspects of this film helped to make it a generic film, but it was still better than most of the film seen in the children section today. Though the direction and acting were merely average, it was seen that the script made the film better because of the feel-good story that it turned out to be. While not one for the record books, it still is great for a family afternoon.

donna s (mx) wrote: Terrible movie . Don't bother watching it.

Kevin S (kr) wrote: This is a funny comedy with Bill Murray dresses as a clown and robs a bank with Geena Davis and Randy Quaid assisting him. The problem is they have a hard time getting out of town via car and bus with out running into bad luck. Bill Murray was pretty much funny through the whole movie and Geena Davis was not bad either. Randy Quaid was decent. Not his best performance. I am a big fan of Bill Murray and any one else who is would really enjoyed this.

Richard D (fr) wrote: In a sense, this film that returned Michael Myers to the "Halloween" franchise is a routine slasher pic. There's nothing especially good or especially bad about it. It's pretty badly constructed though. Michael teleports all around the film with little regard for simple logic. At one point Dr. Loomis decides to hustle little Danielle Harris to her school for no apparent reason other to run away from Michael only to find him already there. Whatever, I guess. I stopped giving a shit about what was happening long before it was over. The ending is a nice twist ... except for the fact that it uses POV shots that suggest that Harris is about 7 feet tall. Lazy cynical film making.

Gerald O (jp) wrote: "It's just a little theistic hysteria."

Karsh D (de) wrote: two of my favourite film genres - horror and martial arts - come together in this wonderfully bonkers film - Peter Cushing merely oversees the madness and the action scenes, although clearly done on the cheap, are well done - I have to admit I love this film to bits!!

Matt P (ru) wrote: One of the greatest concert films of all time.

Vtor M (kr) wrote: Uma obra vida espiritual e os conflitos terrenos e celestes desejos que no denigrem ou simplifico a religio, apesar da natureza falivel dos personagens e da instituio da prpria religio.

Joel C (kr) wrote: Una pelcula poco convencional. Entretenida, intrigante y magnficamente interpretada.

Stormy D (au) wrote: A true tribute to the most unrecognized heros in Hollywood, the Stuntman ! Reynolds got his start in films as a stuntman and this is his way of saying thanks. It's a riotous and fun film and really great to watch. Reynolds poking some fun with the film industry.

Alastair K (es) wrote: I love feel good Sports Dramas. I also love Rugby, Morgan Freeman and people posting photos of Morgan Freeman on social media thinking he had died when Mandela had. A great film. A great moment in history. Unless you were a member of the All-Blacks team suffering from food poisoning...

Louise D (fr) wrote: Jean Archer and Rita Hayworth make gutsy and fleshed-out heroines; but this is no boring love triangle. Rather it's a study of different modes of masculinity, male relationships, and mortality. The mores stand up surprisingly well. Brilliantly directed by Howard Hawks, both in the characterisation and the thrilling aerial sequences.

Josh H (gb) wrote: This is a great must see movie.