White Valentine

White Valentine

A girl named Jung-min writes to a young man named Hyun-jun, who is serving in the army. She lies about her age and claims to be a teacher. As Jung-min turns twenty, a 30-year-old man, who has eyes filled with sadness moves into her village. Every night, he sends letters through a pigeon to a deceased woman he loved dearly. He sends them high up in the sky, knowing that he will never get a reply. Then one day, like magic, he receives a letter. The letters sent through pigeons reveal someone's loneliness and sadness. And the two people meet each other by sheer chance..

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:101 minutes
  • Release:1999
  • Language:Korean
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:color in title,  

A girl named Jung-min writes to a young man named Hyun-jun, who is serving in the army. She lies about her age and claims to be a teacher. As Jung-min turns twenty, a 30-year-old man, who ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Paul D (jp) wrote: A fine and provocative exploration of retribution over several generations and scenarios in different continents. The direction and acting are first rate.

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Sue S (it) wrote: What a great teacher. I almost fell in love with him.

Darren P (mx) wrote: I am one of the few people in my film class who enjoyed this movie. It can be excruciatingly boring, but it is more often excruciatingly powerful.

Jeremy Y (au) wrote: One of my all time favorite sci-fi flicks . Truly underrated. If you want to see an amazing danny boyle movie , take the plunge and watch it . You wont be disappointed .

Mitch N (jp) wrote: good premise didn't quite hit the mark

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Deanna L (mx) wrote: I've tried watching this many times, but its just not my thing. I always fall asleep.

Shawn O (au) wrote: Mary Tyler Moore is the star here

Cheung W (es) wrote: Another movie for those specially interested.I got hold of this movie from a shop that was about to close down and had a clearance sale on DVD's.A black and white movie telling about the tales of SM and other rarities.The plot is here not the thickest but drives the movie going on.Though in parts it could be a bit "work" to watch through as there are freezing scenes and several flashbacks, before sudden change of scenery.It's a movie where you sit through it and then think. "What did I just see?"Then when you think about it, it goes up in your head what it all was about.Particular scenes I liked was when the women feed the thin men with grapes a kind of completely opposite of visual you would normally see.And when the main characters mother or father (can't remember) is dressed up.

Sanford R (ru) wrote: Incredible! I really love this classic Disney movie. Its a great adventure film and probably one of my favorite older Disney films.

Edgar C (de) wrote: As expected from a Kalatozov epic, the cinematography makes your jaw drop until it hits the floor and the camera becomes the omniscient master of the characters' fte. The wide lens, sometimes wide in scope, sometimes introspective and minimalist, captures the viewer into a truly convincing pioneer adventure that slowly escalates tension and becomes a tale of survival.In the name of technical revolution, Kalatozov was always a name that resonated in the international celluloid cannon. The tracking shots and the powerful performances were perfect compliments for the visual style, and took the power of the social commentary or the dramatic stories to unimagined levels. Unfortunately, in the particular case of Neotpravlennoye pismo, his 1959 adventure, the story only functions as an excuse to expose technical marvel.The film feels like "a Hollywood adventure shot by Mikhail Kalatozov", a thought that was formed in my mind halfway through. With the visual style as the only trademark to identify the movie, there is no metaphor, allegory, or any valid reason to actually care about the outcome of the four characters, or to even feel involved with the journey's original intention: to retrieve diamonds from Siberian landscapes. In this sense, characters have some kind of ambitions, but seem unclear to the viewer, leaving us with empty characters that, ironically, showcase an array of emotions through extraordinary performances. Moreover, unlike more meaningful deliveries like The Treasure of Sierra Madre (1948), which worked perfectly as a metaphor on greed and the uselessness of trusting others especially when material means are involved, Letter Never Sent masquerades character development with technical qualities, which is a BIG red alert in my book. There is nothing relevant in the background that functions as a motor to propel believability.Nevertheless, I cannot entirely complain against the film, given the breathtaking contributions it does from a technical point of view, all in the name of cinema development. The image juxtapositions are spectacular, performances are strong (as already mentioned), and the landscapes are beautiful enough to be devoured pressing the pause button and making black-and-white postcards. Less reflexive yet more powerful and influential than The Grey (2011), this is a standard adventure movie with lots of surprises to behold, including Mother Nature's stampede against four naive, little humans!86/100P.S. The Russians must have some fixation for unsent letters to loved ones.

Anthony K (it) wrote: Begins with promise, but quickly spirals into a tonally inconsistent mess. "Kid Cannabis" feels like an unrealized idea that was taped together with a hasty voice over to hide the plot holes and gaps in character development. Decent leads may have masked this a little, but as is Jonathan Brown blinks his way through the starring role, delivering his lines like he's reading straight from a page. Its all very jarring, and draws a lot of attention to the film's gleefully misogynist script. Another trip through "Superbad" would be a better use of your time.

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