White Wedding

White Wedding

The loyal, committed and very decent Elvis (Kenneth Nkosi) leaves Johannesburg en route to pick up his best friend and best man Tumi (Rapulana Seiphemo) in Durban. The two will then journey on to Cape Town to begin rehearsals for Elvis’s wedding to the beautiful Ayanda (Zandile Msutwana).But things don’t go according to plan. As Tumi and Elvis struggle to find their way through the Eastern Cape they are picked up by Rose (Jodie Whittaker), a young English doctor. Now there’s an unlikely trio on the road, with romantic sparks igniting.Who knows if they’ll make it on time, whether the wedding will be delayed or cancelled or come perilously close to not even happening.

A young groom and his best man lost on a road trip, run into a young English doctor. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Andy F (mx) wrote: A dark, unsettling and original film that well, if the title puts you on guard - don't watch it! Has a few neat little twists and while it can never be the greatest film of all time, there are certainly enough plus points to give it merit.

Surendra S (mx) wrote: crazy hit in d world

Official C (it) wrote: With an excellent blend of humour, romance and suspense, "Slumdog Millionaire" is a very powerful and intriguing film from start to finish.

Charles James I (mx) wrote: Pixies reunite and sell out. Thank Zeus.It becomes evident by the end of this tour, that the Pixies did the right thing back in the early 90s to split up. I was hoping the direction of the film was headed more towards history, but it was more or less a reality television program of the tour. They all made millions of dollars, and reveled in their aftershock-style stardom, that is almost unreal. You read it on their faces as the shock settles into their brains. Almost completely unaware of how influential they were on the world, and how they stood on the stage like GODS, reincarnated. It was as if they had no realization whatsoever of their importance to music, as if they had no recollection of ever making those albums long ago, or on top of that, HOW. They were clearly harnessing something from a higher plane, channeling through massive amounts of drugs and youthful angst. It becomes clear, they made something so great, it was even outside of their own comprehension. Kim Deal chainsmokes cigarettes and drinks non-alcoholic beer, struggling with sobriety and depression. Frank struts around with the same thought many others have, that he IS the Pixies... also sober. They both criticize, quite harshly, their bandmate David for taking Valium on tour, which I thought was a hypocritical move on their parts. And who cares anyway? Rock and roll man. It is quite awkward to see them all performing these songs that they wrote completely inebriated, and doing it dead sober. The awkwardness overflows into the backstage banter, which is unnatural and forced. How could a band full of people that don't even like each other, create such raw and inspiring music together? It blows my mind.As far as rockumentaries go, loudQUIETloud is subpar. More suitable and enjoyable for hardcore Pixies fans and sycophants. "I was basically trying to rip off the Pixies." -Kurt Cobain, Rolling Stone Magazine 1994

Flixster K (br) wrote: An interesting movie.

Sarah G (fr) wrote: It's funny and cute and an interesting look at the practice of psychology and therapy. It's really a fun movie. Loren Dean is great.

Jon T (jp) wrote: Aside from the controversial rock musical JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR, another one of composer Andrew Lloyd Webber's biggest staples on Broadway was this biographical musical about the First Lady of Argentina. It's not a particularly flattering portrayal of the character, either. In fact it's a rather controversial one, which is understandable considering that some could see her actions as manipulative and self-serving while others still see her as an influential figure in Argentina. Arguably the real star of this film version, however, is not necessarily Madonna as the title character (although she DOES do an excellent job), but rather Antonio Banderas, who gives both the best performance and arguably makes the movie worth my highest rating. As the film's narrator Che (who takes a very negative side with Evita from the get go), Banderas sings with robust energy and charisma, bringing a genuinely likable presence to an otherwise grim and heavy movie. Any scene where he unexpectedly pops up is a delight. Even if you may find the story difficult to follow at times (the film is shot intentionally as a music video with lots of quick cuts showing imagery that can be jarring at times), Bandera's performance and Lloyd Webber's legendary score is what makes EVITA. The music may seem schizophrenic to some viewers, though, because, like the film's MTV style, the score bounces back and forth from lilting Latin chorals to Spanish waltzes and, perhaps most incongruously, rock and roll. But all this is Webber's style of writing, for EVITA is, after all, a rock opera. Musicals like this are very rare to find today, and if you're a fan of such material, EVITA could well worth be checking out.

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Sean C (fr) wrote: BComes off as a synopsis of what of course was a much more lengthy and deep story.

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Thomas T (gb) wrote: American Wedding does not own the charm that I thought the American Pie formula would deliver.

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