Follows the misadventures of a group of young interns at a hospital/medical school - dealing with the pressures of school and love.

Follows the misadventures of a group of young interns at a hospital/medical school - dealing with the pressures of school and love. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Whitecoats torrent reviews

Hani H (es) wrote: well, pretty funny, a very usual comedy movie. an ok movie

Jon P (gb) wrote: As much as I love animated and kids movies, this one is hardly entertaining.

Travis J (ca) wrote: Pretty good and definitely an entertaining concert film much better than say, AC/DC Live. The train footage was interesting, but in a how, you say, ideal world, I'd have this be a HUGE box set with clips from each band and each concert - but then again, not everyone's a weird archival taper freak like moi. Beides, I bet with a little luck and some searching, I could probably find the footage if I tried...

Nathaniel M (br) wrote: Call me crazy, this is an old favorite of mine.

Eric B (au) wrote: This tale of a photographer's deteriorating relationship with his wife is more intriguing for its structure than its plot. Writer/director Atom Egoyan plays a photographer recalling how his marriage unraveled during an overseas trip to shoot old Armenian churches for a calendar. His wife acts as his translator for the journey, but her affections gradually turn from him to their local guide. Since Egoyan's own wife portrays the role and he is of Armenian descent himself, the situation has obvious personal resonances.The story is told via flashbacks, one for each church. The contemporary setting finds Egoyan's post-marital character enduring a string of tedious dates, repeatedly alienating women with awkward conversation and then losing their attention as they excuse themselves to make a flirtatious phone call. As the women chatter away in the next room, he pulls out his writer's pad and the next flashback unfolds. It's eventually suggested that the photographer may be staging this repeated scene -- possibly with prostitutes -- to somehow gain creative inspiration. Typically for Egoyan, the events are more than a little ambiguous and hampered by an atmosphere of numb, repressed introspection. In the case of "Calendar," weak acting is another problem. Still, the film is worth seeing, and it's quite short so it doesn't wear out its welcome.

chad g (ca) wrote: I'm not sure if this is the Dingo I saw back in 1995 or not. I've searched high and low for the film where Miles Davis lands in the Australian outback and plays some of those awesome Davis tunes (with Aussie Anderson). It was called Dingo but can't find any info on it at all. If this is it I want a copy! Davis fans should catch it for sure. This was made a short time before he died if it the right flic.

Patrick M (it) wrote: bad horror movie that i always liked to watch only for horror classic fans

Panayiota K (mx) wrote: A bit boring but charming at times. I mean you have Donald O'Connor's humor, Debbie Reynolds' cuteness and Gene Kelly's dancing.

Toby E (gb) wrote: Forced acting, lame story and cheesy plot but it passes time

Mark G (de) wrote: I thought it a very different choice to choose Singapore as the location during a WWII film, but I really liked it. The lack of dialog really made the actors emotions and facial expressions pop. I also found it heartbreaking at the end, so sad :'(