Who Is Julia?

Who Is Julia?

A strikingly beautiful and wealthy woman is hit by a truck and is all smashed up and nearly killed. At nearly the same time, a very plain looking lower middle class woman simply faints and suffers brain death. The beautiful womans brain is fine, so, doctors merely transplant her brain into plain Jane. Problems ensue when plain Janes husband continues to believe she is still his wife. She has no memory of him, and goes to live with the beautiful womans husband. She doesn't mix well with her new socialite friends and family. Mirrors are emotional battlefields as well.

Two young womens lives are changed forever in one moment. A strikingly beautiful and wealthy woman is hit by a truck and is all smashed up and nearly killed. At nearly the same time, a very... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Who Is Julia? torrent reviews

Rhonda L (br) wrote: Different movie about a more sane Tim Allen character just released from prison dealing with life after and the lies his nutty sister has told and keeps telling about him. A little slow at times but has a nice ending.

Swati S (fr) wrote: Well begin... poorly ended.... can be skipped!

Greg W (es) wrote: good chemistry in this rom-com


Tisha T (us) wrote: Watchable, but ridiculous. I liked the ending, but the rest of the movie just wasn't plausible. Christopher Walken is hilarious as always as an over the top funeral director. Brenda Blethyn was funny as she tried not to move (or throttle) her husband as he was confessing his joy over her demise. Naomi Watts was terrible, and Alfred Molina spent more time pouting and brooding than giving any life to his character.

Alexander C (us) wrote: Maybe worth a look, intriguing plot...

KAMBIZ S (nl) wrote: I have never understood what is this obsession of Hollywood to find movies produced in other countries and do a reproduction in U.S. to ruin it for the audience.

Paul W (it) wrote: First movie I ever saw with Gary Busey, and I am a fan since then. Like his character, Dont know if he is a good guy or bad guy and if he wants to protect the family or harm them.

Jeremy P (kr) wrote: This movie has been in my top 5 favorite movies since the first time I saw it. Not sure how a perfectly good crime drama gets lower ratings than Birdman, one of the most boring movies in cinematic history, short of Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy.

Chris M (au) wrote: Yeah it's corny but it's a classic for the 80's babies.

Kurt E (br) wrote: I liked it but I am highly biased to football movies.

Tuomas R (it) wrote: Heikko! Yritt olla vakava ja luoda uhkaavaa ilmapiiri mutta samalla vesitt vakavat teemat todella typerll huumorilla. Homma on ihan sis ihan levlln ja rytmitys ihan totaalisen pieless! Ei todellakaan ansaitse asemaansa jonkin sortin pikku-klassikkona.**- /5

Georgian S (fr) wrote: I've always enjoyed this particular film. Seen it several times now. Lost count. Hahah. Two aliens crash land into earth n disguise as humans. In particular teenagers. They hijack a taxi man's cab ie hop into it. They ask the taxi man to drive em everywhere. Not only have the teenagers to flee the Govt but they also have to flee their own kind the Syphon.

Kenneth L (br) wrote: Total disrespect for rule of law & due process.