Who Killed Pixote?

Who Killed Pixote?

Based on the true story of Fernando Ramos da Silva, actor of Hector Babenco's . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tyler H (mx) wrote: Realizing that most movies are well... Movies and not based on fact (unlike most people who reviewed this movie) I thought this was one of the best suspense movies I've ever seen, not to mention a very original spin on space conspiracies If you share the same belief that you should suspend reality when watching a movie then you will love this. If you can't separate yourself from that then you won't. I will defiantly recommend this.

Heather M (nl) wrote: A sweet, but rather forgettable movie.

Joy E (kr) wrote: Funny, gory, odd, I enjoyed very much!

Mike S (kr) wrote: pretty good movie, good for a frenchie flick

Paul D (ca) wrote: Interesting story exploring community and the family unit.

Harry W (it) wrote: Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas is a Dreamworks Animated film released from around the same time as The Road to El Dorado and The Prince of Egypt, yet it is arguably superior to both of them.The story in Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas is great because it entails pirating and magic into its large scale adventure across the seas and into the underworld. It explores a lot of interesting mythological territory such as Sirens and a Roc, and it's all awesome.And it's a magnificently animated story because it combines traditional animation with some awesome three dimensional effects which are especially present in depicting the sea and the Roc, and it looks incredible and it blends in with the classical animation excellently.Lastly, it's story never runs for too long and constantly has an energetic pace, and plus it has a great voice cast.Brad Pitt was a great voice for Sinbad himself because he had all the powerfully energetic charisma for the lead role and he voiced every bit of the line perfectly, particularly the comedic lines which he graced really strongly. He also shared a great voice chemistry with Catherine Zeta-Jones who also made a really strong screen presence which balanced out the masculine presence of Brad Pitt which made it a gender unspecific venture which is positive for the diversity of the film, and therefore the crowds it can appeal to.Michelle Pfeiffer was also a perfect in the role of Eris, and Ralph Fiennes was good as Proteus.Plus, the character Max was hilarious because a film like this really does need a friendly animalistic presence, and luckily Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas recognised that and put a hilarious dog in there to get into all kinds of hijinx. Really, it's simple to say that with a fun adventure and great characters alongside some colourful animation and strong voice acting, Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas essentially ticks all the necessary boxes to entertain.

Jamie C (ag) wrote: Not as bad as critics make out, They did cut the gore and violence out which didn't make it as entertaining as the others but not a bad film, Some ok action scenes, Nothing to get over hyped over.

Erik D (ag) wrote: Add this to the list of movies that everyone except for me has seen.. before now. It was mostly what I expected but not nearly as entertaining, funny or really anything special at all. Parts of this movie were boring and others were seriously cringe worthy. Paul Hogan's character was alright. He wasn't special or really that memorable. I mean, I've heard Aussie accents before. Maybe at the time this movie was something special but if that's the case then it really hasn't aged well. I was sadly not a fan at all, but you all you my idiocy. I'll probably see part two and then complain about that as well.

Linnea G (fr) wrote: Ridiculous and not what I was expecting. If you want to laugh for 96 minutes, this is your film.

James H (mx) wrote: 6.5/10. Very good drama. Steve McQueen is perfectly cast. Nicely filmed in black and white. Lee Remick is very effective in a subdued role. Well written. A bit depressing though.

Carlos I (ca) wrote: Pretty rad little prequel to Malevolence. Typical nature vs nurture study that the first was one, but it still has merit. It's done well enough.